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  1. Crazy sh*t like this would’ve been inconceivable in the Scandinavia I lived in in the mid-80s. I think the worst you’d come across was some mustalainen guy with a knife in his boot who would occasionally dig it out to brandish at some spurgu getting a little too uppity during a kosken korva transaction out of said mustalainen’s trunk on Vappu eve.

    1. Ah yes . . . koskenkorva. I have a bottle in my wine cellar that has been there for some time.

      I guess the caravan has passed on from this particular thread but I am led to wonder how long does it keep?

      As for the “mustalainen” guy, I feel like the second rate comedian on Seinfeld who wants to borrow a gag, I might just use that term in future discourse – with you permission of course, John.

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