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The only way for Israel to secure its future survival, is to forgo the last pillar of Zionism that has sadly eluded it all of its existence. That being;  Israel’s Muslim neighbors will never accept Israel as an equal, let alone a neighbor, in the region. As a long time supporter of the Jewish state, the Tundra Tabloids was forced to concede that a long time ago.

Islamic texts are too rife with anti-Jew motifs for a pious Muslim -and remain in good standing with the rest of mainstream Islam- to ever accept a non-Muslim ‘entity’ as a fellow state with mutual respect and honor. It just won’t happen. TINSC elucidates the point for us. KGS

Israel just wants to be loved. Unfortunately, it ain’t gonna happen.

TINSC: The problem with Israel in a nutshell is that the generation that wanted to live (i.e. survive) has been replaced by a generation that wants to be loved.  I made this comment some time ago on in response to a column she wrote about yet another concession (of sorts) that the Israeli government was on the brink of making.  It wasn’t a particularly huge concession and it won’t make headlines anywhere.  Suffice it to say that this was a good enough example to compel me to offer the thesis.
The problem with this desire to be loved is that 2000 years of history says it isn’t going to happen.  Moreover, outside of the United States (where we admire freedom loving people struggling to survive in a totalitarian region) there are few cultures that have any affinity for the Jewish people (or anyone for that matter) struggling for freedom.  This includes Christian cultures (i.e. Europe).

In 1948, when Israel was born, there was little doubt what awaited the Zionists if they were defeated on the battlefield.  Israel was small.  It’s armaments were few and they had to scrap for everything needed to ward off the invading armies of 5 Arab nations.  Survival came first!  It came first throughout Israel’s history right up to the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

This is not the case today.  Today, Israel is militarily secure from most threats.  Even those threats (such as an Iranian nuclear weapon) that could destroy Israel carry a retaliatory counter-threat that leaves Israel confidently secure against rational enemies.  (Naturally, there’s concern for whether or not Israel’s enemies are rational.  That’s a different subject for a different column.)

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  1. Fear and commanding respect is the only thing that the ‘followers of the teachings of the prophet’ comprehend. My suggestion to the people of Israel leave all of that touchey feely, apologist, groveling BS to the spineles liberals and leftists, Give not one inch, no matter what you as acountry they will only be satisfied when Israel no longer exists and every Jew is dead or driven off of the land.

  2. My position for a long long time.

    Israel should forget about peace with Muslim states. It is impossible as long as they are Muslim.

    In the meantime, annexe Judea and Samaria, with a clearly started warning, that any terrorist attacks will lead to war and further annexation of conquered territory as compensation for loss of life and expenses.

  3. The misguided policy of niceness has got Israel nowhere; nothing to show for its niceness. Squat, zippo, nothing.

    To survive against a bully you have to stand up and fight for your rights.

    I learned that at a very young age in my primary and secondary education.

    When you show respect for yourself and stand up for your rights, you might just get some grudging respect.

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