Israeli/Palestinian Conflict



These immoral Leftist Norwegian politicians are disgusting.

They couldn’t care less that a unilateral declaration by the Arabs is detrimental to the peace process. The reason why no peace has yet to be reached between the two sides, is the result of the Palestinians’ intransigent refusal to conduct real negotiations with Israel, in order to end the conflict for good.

Though the Palestinian Authority says it’s calling for peace and quiet in the streets, please watch carefully, there will be mayhem as they unleash the mobs that they say they “can’t control due to all the rage and disappointment over the US veto. They’re just preparing the spin making in advance, just like the Hamas says it can’t control the rockets being fired into Israel, all the while they are just turning a blind eye, or actually helping behind the scene.

Truth be told, these murdering idiots do not deserve a state. KGS

UPDATE: What PA Pres.Mahmoud Abbas really thinks of a Jewish state of Israel:


Norway’s foreign minister says country is ready to recognize a Palestinian state

By Associated Press, Updated: Sunday, September 18, 5:23 PM

OSLO, Norway — Norway’s foreign minister says the Scandinavian country will back Palestinian officials in their appeal to the U.N. for statehood.

In a Facebook post late Saturday, Jonas Gahr Stoere wrote “Palestinians have the right to go to the U.N.” and Norway is “ready to recognize a Palestinian state.”

He also urged for talks to start between Israel and Palestinians, saying “only negotiations can solve things between Israel and Palestinians.”

Frustrated by their inability to win concessions from Israel, the Palestinians have tried to gain attention with a high stakes wager on statehood and U.N. membership.

On Sunday, senior U.S. and European officials will meet to try to find a way to bring Israel and the Palestinians back to stalled negotiations.

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  1. On the one hand, these norwegian politicians either do not know the history of the Levant for the past 100 years and on that basis are just ignorant, or (on the other hand) they do know the history but deliberately choose to deny it. And on that basis they might justifiably be labeled despicable antisemites.

    I choose to infer that that they are antisemites in love with all things that are a denial of their heritage. They are the hollow men with no moral integrity to guide their little minds.

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