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Bound to happen sooner or later right? Make room for all that multiculturalism! KGS

Away with the Cross: Secondos is for a new Swiss flag

The Swiss cross should be abolished. The demands of the immigrant second generation immigrants Plus Association. “The Swiss flag is no longer today’s multicultural Switzerland,” says Petrusic.

The cross had a Christian background. The Christian origin of Switzerland, it is true indeed respected, “but it is also a separation between religion and state to make,” asks the Executive Member of secondos Plus. “Apart from that we have today a great religious and cultural diversity in Switzerland.”

It needs new symbols, which could also identify with everyone, even non-Christians. As a new national flag might offer the former flag of the Helvetic Republic. This was officially introduced in 1799 and consisted of the colors quergesteift green, red, yellow.

It has similarities with the current flags of Ghana and Bolivia.”The colors were red and yellow for the original cantons of Schwyz and Uri and the green revolution,” says Petrusic.Furthermore, all aliens were at that time from 20 Year of age had the right to vote. “The Helvetic flag stands for a progressive and open-minded Switzerland.”

More here in German.

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    1. You are correct. Islam is a cancer. Why anyone would let it into their country I will never know.

    2. Oh dear . . just cool it man . . all you need to say is that the flag is the flag and will remain the flag because it reflects our Christian heritage and making nice to you blow-ins by changing our flag ain’t going to happen.

      So suck on that lemon or bugger off back to where you came from.

      1. You can’t be soft with these people. They are trying to change the flag. They might as well be trying to stab you in the back. I’m not in Switzerland myself, I’m in the South. Look what happened when they took our flag.

      2. As long as we be nice and polite with the little mussies you are fine with the invasion.

        And when the country becomes a third-world hellhole what will you do?

    3. Well said, if you don’t like the fucking flag, then leave. Simples.

    4. You Europeans, long time ago, refused Christ with his gospel and cross. Ask any atheist in your country and he will tell you: we support our Muslim brothers to remove any Christian symbols from the country.

      Why come now and feel angry from what Muslims do? They WILL dominate Europe.

      Read Deuteronomy 32:21

      Egyptian Christian

  2. If the Swiss give in to these demands they might as well adopt Sharia law right now and be done with it. They have already allowed too much political correctness to erode their culture and national identity, so unless they want to go the way of other European nations primed for a takeover by Islam in the next couple of decades, they had better start working fast.

  3. If muslims don’t like Christian symbols in their adoptive homeland then they can get out! Imagine if a Christian or atheist griped about muslim symbols in muslim controlled countries. If you are a muslim and thinking of moving to a western country – if you ARE OFFENDED at our culture, then please don’t go there.

  4. Switzerland is a very small country, why can’t it even have the basic right to even be European?


  5. Keep kissing ass and your childrens heritage, safety and traditional values will be beheaded and so will your grand children. You are perfect as you are, without the opinions of assholes who will not, themselves, allow anyone to change THEIR cultures.

    Remember this… when you give up a right to the government, it is taken and NEVER returned.

  6. Petrusic, & all of the 2ond generation, all of you wanting to remove the Christian cross..BIG, BIG, MISTAKE!!! Have you not seen God’s wrath, with all the folks who are screaming “we want God OUT..out of our schools, out of our government, out of our courts, out of “EVERYTHING” even our money!!! no more “in God we trust”..people this whole world is being shaken by a God who is fed up with our lack of respect, our lack of concern & love for each other, our total disobedience..which is as “witchcraft”..rebellion, or extreme according to God’s word..”witchcraft”..we are listening to the lies of the enemy..the one who wants to destroy that which God loves..”HIS CREATION” “YOU”, the whole world!!!..if you think this is a lie, just read the prophetic books in the Bible! How could a book predict something hundreds of years, even thousands in advance lest it were the TRUTH..FOR REAL? CONSIDER YOURSELVES WARNED IN THE NAME OF JESUS THAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO CALL DOWN THE WRATH, & JUDGEMENT OF A HOLY GOD!!!

    1. The christian bible is not “god’s word”. It is a collection of tales written by men, in multiple languages across multiple centuries. Your book doesn’t “predict” anything: Christian fanatics stretch the tall tales and tragic stories and meaningless but scary sounding “revelations” to fit whatever calamity happens (hurricanes, wars, etc) in hopes of drawing in new fools to pay your churches and comfort you neurotic train wrecks of human life.

      1. Even as a secularist, I think the Swiss should not alter their flag to suit any “immigrants.” Switzerland does not need any immigrants, especially non-Europeans.

      2. Well Bob, that might be the situation as you say, but a growing number of people who are atheists are becoming more tolerant towards Christians, knowing that European civilization owes a lot to their forefathers, and realize that the nightmare of the Leftist secular religions (marxism, nazism) have reaked greater havoc on society than what Christianity was ever responsible for. Adding the Islamic element, it’s no wonder that traditional anti-Christian voices are revising their opinions.

        1. Bob is just using this thread to have a rant about the Bible from his own bitter perspective. I venture to presume however that he is no scholar when it comes to such matters.

      3. Spoken like a true liberal Bob, If you dont like it.. You can leave, you sorry commie @ss

  7. So have a referendum on banning immigrants from Muslim countries. Force politicians to have a referendum.

    Make every immgrant sign a document that challenging Swiss culture and traditions will result in their immediate expulsion. Make it law that existing citizens will not do it either.

    1. Unfortunately it won’t happen, Stephen. Politicians (like many of us) suffer from pathological inertia. They make promises to get into power but somehow things always change in ways that stops them from doing the really important, innovative things that would actually make life better.

  8. im sorry to read it for all the pepole in swiss…i hope you understand now whit what israel is dealing whit…just think what they will ask from israel if they wont you to remove the cross.

  9. Immediate removal of the invaders would solve the problem for all time.

  10. much better to send the whining murderers, pedophiles, wife abusers, and genocidists to a place they like. i suggest heaven. let them start enjoying their virgins now. this flag thing is just a smoke screen. what the peaceful muslims really want is the death of every infidel in the host country. genocide is their way, and it is the only thing they understand.

  11. Man, if Swiss people let this happen, then they deserve everything that will happen after. Avalances start as snowballs, remember. Even the fact that a story like this makes news leads me to think that the Swiss are a bunch of losers with no balls whatsoever. I LIKE to think that if someone in America suggested this, good Americans would cram the red, white, and blue right up their ass before booting them back to the shithole they came from (ever notice that most of the time, immigrants who DEMAND changes in their host countries always come from some shithole?). I like to think that anyway–maybe us Americans are almost as ball-less as the Swiss.

    1. Frank, I totally agree with you. As a dual Swiss/Australian living in Oz, I am APPALLED at what is going on in Europe. However, I think you would be alarmed at the extent to which Muslims have infiltrated America – read “Muslim Mafia”, about a guy who went undercover and found proof of this. They have encrusted themselves at every conceivable level, and have the backing of such organisations as CAIR, not to mention the dhimmis in government who seek to appease Islamics at any cost. Remember that saying: Be afraid. Be very afraid (?) Well I am. And this is just the beginning.

  12. Unbelievable… just unbelievable.

    If they don’t like the culture of Switzerland, they need to be shown the door. This is just more proof that multiculturalism and mass immigration does nothing but erode the identity of the host nation and culture.

    1. Imagine telling Pakistan that they had to remove their crescent moon from their flags !!!

  13. As far as I have read the above article, the name “Petrusic” is not a islamic, it`s rather Russian. Do you hate RUSSIANS????.
    Beside…I read some american commends about the above news. Do they know where is Switzerland?

    1. Redah (not sure if you are Russian?)

      Did you know that Muslims now comprise 14%, if not more, of the Russian population? This explains the unrest, the bombings, demands for a separate state, demands that women wear the veil, etc. This guy in Switzerland may be of Russian/Slavic extract, but that’s not important – what IS important is that he is obviously Muslim or rooting for the Islamic cause. If anyone here ‘hates’ him it’s for that reason alone.

    2. @redah the Arab

      You lamebrain, “Petrusic” is not a Russian name! In fact Petrušić, Beganović, Kulaglić etc sound typically Bosnian to me, and there – by just some “strange coincidence” – happens to be a large Muslim Bosniak diaspora residing in Switzerland. Enough of the taqiyya already, nobody on this forum is going to buy into it!

    3. Usually the only Americans that dont know where it is, are the minorities. Most whites know and most are disgusted at this article. Refrain from American bashing.

  14. I actually talked to my Swiss-born wife about the extreme likelihood that this would eventually happen, and how the likes of Micheline Calmy-Rey, Jean Ziegler and Roger de Weck would be enthusiastic backers of this idea.

    It’s good to know that the Swiss know better than that… At least 57.5% of voters showed that to be the case in late Nov. 2009.

    1. Even so, 57% is not a large percentage. I would be more impressed if voters cared enough to put the figure at 75-80% plus. They probably think ‘it won’t happen to them’, but by the time they realise it has – it will be too late.

  15. Sand (deleted by editor)!
    Do not underestimate our tolerance and patience.

    1. Sooooooooooooooooooo.
      Da Admin says, …….’fuck’ words on this site are fine, however ‘sand n….r’ is not. It’s veeeeeery offensive!!!!

  16. Fuck Islam, they wash their hands on Christian countries and laugh us all far up in your face ..

  17. So wait what does this have do with islam? and don’t any of you think that this has more to do with secularism then appeasing Islam?. All of you here are pulling assumptions out of your arses with nothing to back it up. “IT’S A MUSLIM CONSPIRACY, EVERYONE YELL WOLF”.

    1. Actually it’s “cry wolf”. Now you tell me, what other immigrant group in the present age lays out demand after demand upon the host society, wants others to conform to their own set of values and norms, that are highly intolerant and tyrannical, other than those who belong to Islam?

        1. Sue, I see you show the Union Jack. Good for you, but the UK is (by my reading) just as worse off in regard to Muslim immigrants preaching sedition and treason as any European country including Switzerland.

      1. Uhm let me correct some assumptions

        1. Only a small portion of Muslims immigrants in europe are politically active, and only a segement of them are radical.
        2. Most Muslim immigrants don’t even vote.
        3. Most Muslim immigrants don’t have contact with muslims. from other european countries outside of their own community.
        4. Muslims immigrants are ethnically diverse.
        5. Most Muslims are not interested in changing european society, only the politically active ones do, and they do not enjoy widespread support, since there is a lack of communication.
        6. Muslims immigrants like any group in the world have tens and hundreds of different opinions on every topic on the sun, they are not a gigantic monolith, or a hive brain. They are as different as the parties in a political spectrum
        7. Muslims and immigrants in general have little weight bearing in political descisions. It’s not their initiative that the left is catering to them. The only exception is britain, and that still has nothing to do with mainstream muslims
        8. Muslims are overrepresented in low-paid jobs, social problems

        and finally… where does it say in the article that immigrants demand the removal of the cross on the swisses national flag. Just because some leftists are trying to do it, does not mean it has anything to do with muslims.

        1. Idiots from this site,
          We have seen you before and you are a muslim spammer. Have you considered that you are only mindless idiot here??? Probably not, after all the devil is never wrong!
          <1. Only a small portion of Muslims immigrants in <europe are politically active, and only a segement of 2. Most Muslim immigrants don’t even vote.
          They do by proxy -a significant number of issues are raised by lobby groups representing muslim “interests! (which do not coincide with all other groups). These actions are supported by the muslim community and through these groups muslims are able to bribe their way past the normal voting processes to achieve a decision which favours them.

          >3. Most Muslim immigrants don’t have contact with >muslims. from other european countries outside of >their own community.
          Wrong – muslims are actively involved in bring their own into other countries. There is also significant evidence available be monitoring the internet the shows that muslims are working together in a global sense to destroy our culture.

          >4. Muslims immigrants are ethnically diverse.
          Wrong again – given that the Quran controls every aspect of muslim life the term “ethnically diverse” has no relevant meaning within the context you have chosen.

          >5. Most Muslims are not interested in changing >european society, only the politically active ones do, >and they do not enjoy widespread support, since there >is a lack of communication.
          By definition a muslim must follow the quran and which ever hadith is “relevant for the day”. Therefore ALL muslims are working to destroy European society since they seek coherence between their environment and the rubbish that was poorly plagiarized ca. 600 AD from the infant Christian churches, Judiasm, and other belief systems by an arab thug.

          >6. Muslims immigrants like any group in the world >have tens and hundreds of different opinions on every >topic on the sun, they are not a gigantic monolith, or a >hive brain. They are as different as the parties in a >political spectrum
          Wrong again. Since a muslim’s life is controlled by their religion their opinions are by definition the same. While there is some discordance within the muslim community they are unified in their wish to destroy the non-muslim world. A study of the many examples of muslim driven violence exist that exist today justifies this point of view.

          >7. Muslims and immigrants in general have little >weight bearing in political descisions. It’s not their >initiative that the left is catering to them. The only >exception is britain, and that still has nothing to do >with mainstream muslims

          Again incorrect. Through oil dollars, extortion, and blackmail the musim community has hijacked local, state and federal politics, and the UN has effectively been destroyed as a useful agency by the OIC ( Iran really is a protector of womens rights????!!!!). The fact that many mosques are permitted despite widespread opposition of local communities spits in the face of your claim. Admittedly, left wing politicians have allowed this to happen, but muslims, like dishonest children, have greedily lapped up the opportunities with little thought to others.
          >8. Muslims are overrepresented in low-paid jobs, >social problems

          Now go and waste time in the mosque where you can rant about about those evil Jews ‘(despite the fact that Arabs are better treated in Israel than in an Arab country), about how how are going to “destroy” the corrupt west (despite the fact that corruption is the norm in all muslim societies),about how you are going to protect women (by removing all their rights and placing them in the unassailable and secure position of breeding machines for muslim males) and the self-delusions that are regularly prectised by adherents to your “religion”.

          As for the flag – the leftists are doing this because they have support from within the muslim and other minority communities.


  19. If our flag offends you, then you know what you must do……………………………………….bye!!!

  20. you people have forgotten the history,how the muslims killed raped and looted major parts of europe.they have not done anything for the good of humanity.there is no scientific or medical invention to their in india also they are all the time
    busy in producing children and in “love jihad”. but the hindus are well capable of giving them what they deserve. SWISS..wake up before it is too late.

  21. these are not immigrants.. they have traits of silent colonialists,immigrants adopt ways and culture of the countries they immigrat too.. colonialists want to change them. Stand firm swiss people.. islam has tendency to ruin countries look what it did to lebanon before islam it was jewel of middle east after islam took over it took a nose dive.. be proud of the cross on your flag dont let these ” colonialists ” tell you what to do. taqqia is what they do best.

  22. And of course, the Swiss must NEVER accept to change this multi-century symbol of who they are: the white cross upon the red MUST REMAIN!!!! [Personally, all the Commies who’re allying themselves with the Muslims ought to be likewise disenfranchised and deported – in their case, to North Korea, Laos, Vietnam, Venezuela or Cuba. If the Communist countries refuse them, let them then be parachuted – without papers or anything else! – into Saudi Arabia!!!]

  23. This is only happening in White countries. Let’s start calling our leaders and asking why.

    1. Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, White countries for Everybody

      Genocide by Assimilation

      It is said that there is this RACE problem. They say this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

      The Netherlands and Belgium are as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

      Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

      What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

      How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

      And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

      But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

      They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

      Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  24. Muslims had help from warring Christian factions and fiefdoms as well….there were a lot of hands in that pot.

  25. I Disagree ADHD, only those who break the law, refuse to integrate and actively work to Islamize the host state, should be sent packing. If they keep it private, and I don’t mean underground to keep their moves hidden, then there is no beef with them. Also, all Muslim immigration should be cut off, and refugees sent to lands near the conflict in their homelands.

    1. If the mustalaiset stick to their five pillars and want to go to Mecca and throw pebbles at the devil – that’s fine by me.

      But as soon as they start to tell kafir folk like you and me that we can’t eat in their proximity during ramadam and insist on a plethora of priveliges that incur public incoonvenience then that’s not OK ; then it becomes political.

      And let’s remind ourselves that more than half of the koran is focused on what to do vis-a-vis the kafir, that is, you and me.

      So the koran is largely political and the teachings on religion take up much less print.

      The troublemakers however are just following the ideology of muhammad, and those are the ones that have to be rooted out.

  26. Ten to one this is not really the idea of most immigrants at all, but of white Marxists. I read about stuff like this happening in England all the time, trying to ban Christmas and nativity plays, etc., and usually even the Muslims write in to the press and say that they are not the ones asking for it–that it’s all the idea of do-gooder white leftists. These are the people who are the real problem.

  27. I’m Swiss, these Muslims are not adhering or melting into our society, they are minimal in numbers and already demanding too much. I say stop immigration, like hell they are going to change our flag!

  28. The current immigration problem facing most European nations is crazy. In 10 years time, more than 30% of the populations of Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, France, The Netherlands and Sweden will be non-European. In 50 years time, the native population will be the minority. I am sure that in the next 40 years England and Sweden will lose the ‘cross’ on their flags. These countries are pathetically liberal.

    1. The tipping point of 30% is enough to cause havoc and directly challenge the ruling political structure directly.

  29. If you don’t like the Swiss flag then GET THE FUCK OUT OF SWITZERLAND!!

  30. Someone should retain Mr. Petrusic, put him thru interrogation, find out who are the jews behind these new provocation, and then act&dispose according to plan.

    1. @Tifus de Mierda

      The Jews have nothing to do with this you sieg-heiling, knuckle-dragging troll! Bugger off back under the stone from where you crawled from – and remember say hi to David “Puke” Duke, when you see him!

    2. Tifus is just resorting to the age old anti-Semitic canard, that if there is trouble, there’s a Jew behind it. Tifus is therefore banned from this site. You can have diverse opinions here, but when you launch into bigoted or anti-Semitic rants, then you get the shoe.

      1. KGS, I thought the bastard was joking but apparently not so. Swift dispatch to the loony bin for him/her.

        But not the shoe – better a steel capped construction workers boot.

  31. I hope people are now well aware of what Muslims are about. They only want to impose their Islam on everyone else.

    Stop Muslim immigration and deport those that cause problems. Don’t give special treatments to the ones that are already there. If they don’t like non-Muslims and their way of life tell them to go back to their own countries.

    Why would they leave their country if it was so great in the first place. That would be like me leaving my free country just to be subjected to Shariah law in a Muslim country. That would be a downgrade. What’s wrong with Muslims! Don’t they know they are leaving a bad Shariah place to go to a better place with freedom. Don’t bring that trash here and make us backwards like the Muslim majority countries. If you love Shariah and barbarism so much then stay there!

  32. I felt so sick reading this! In Germany here, I just complained to the authority about the German language Integration Textbook glorifying Turkish nationalism and culture – as if the Turkish culture and people represent all minority culture especially of non-Muslims such as Jewish, Korean, Russian, Polish, Japanese, Vietnamese, Tamils, Italian, Serbians, Filipino and many others, who are contributing greatly towards making Germany great! We, non-Muslim/nonTurkish minorities are being discriminated in Germany!Besides, most of the non-Muslim/non-Turkish minority culture are very integrative and have great respect for the host and majority culture, the native German culture! Unlike the Muslim/Turkish culture who arrogantly want the host and native German culture and people, and non-Muslims to bow like SLAVES to their ever-shrilled demands, including from the ever interfering and pompous Turkish PM!

  33. The muslims want everything their way and nothing else. If they do not like the Western world, then they can go back to their stupid islamic countries and they can shut up, completely. The governments of the western world are very soft on muslims, while muslims are very hard on non-muslims. Those muslims are nothing, but very stubborn and very evil beasts. STOP MUSLIM IMMIGRATION NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  34. As an atheist, I have never associated the Swiss cross with the christian cross, or the maltese cross or the ankh.
    For me it is the sign of healing, the inverse coloured red-cross (which the islamic nations also tried to ban a few years ago).

    Are we to redesign our windows because the wood in the middle creates a 90deg. join?
    Are we to redesign our roads to avoid 90deg. junctions?
    This is just the usual bully-harassment to see whether we give way.

    There are many things that offend me, little girls being taught that they are guilty if they are raped for a start. Let us get our priorities straight and start demanding why they are not offended by the things we consider important!

  35. It is about time the western and the free world wake and send those (TT- edited) back to where they belongs although for some countries like UK maybe to late.

    STOP those stupid Political Correctness and ACT now!!!

  36. I want all the muslims out of Europa and as fast as possible. Will that be granted? Or hey I want the Saudi Arabian flag changed due to the fact that it got some weird writings on it. When will it stop? Piss off you (tt-edited) and let us Europeans live in peace and harmony.

  37. Oh no Swiss people, don’t do the same mistake we did. As a Lebanese immigrant to Canada, I tell you, Lebanon fell from being literally called “the Switzerland of the Middle East” (when it was a Christian country) to being a rat hole (under islamic rule) in 10 years!! That is why we, as Lebanese christians, left!! MAN UP AND STAND AGAINST THIS CRAP!! learn from OUR mistakes!!

  38. This shit never ends with these perpetually offended retards from another time,it will only get worse when they see how the cowards who “govern”us cave in to every stupid demand,Not only should the flag be kept as it is,but put up real crosses as well,so they get the message loud and clear,YOU ARE LUCKY TO BE HERE AT ALL.Do not make the mistake of thinking we are as tolerant as our spineless”leaders”.You act like you want to go on a jihad with us.Make no mistake.You will regret that decision.The good people of europe have had your islamic shit for too long now,we have run out of patience.YOUR TIME IS UP.


    1. In fact, in value scale of a muslim, a strong a mature man is not the kind, compassionate man. They consider tollerant men weak. A muslim think that strenght is represented by the man that insults who ‘offend’ islam.

  40. I do not know why everyone is becoming so upset about this. Once the cross has been removed then muslim countries will begin removing crescents and koranic qoutes from their flags and the world will be soooo happy.

  41. Until how much we europeans will have to stand these people….if you don’t like Switzerland or Europe….GET THE HELL OUT GO AWAY NOW! stop this madness now!!! PROTECT THIS LAND,PROTECT THE BLOOD OF YOUR ANCESTORS! YOUR HONOR! ISLAM OUT OF EUROPE.

    Europeans…WAKE UP.

  42. Joseph,
    I just saw a flock of green pigs accompanied by golden dragons flying south for the winter! Agree with the sarcasm!!

  43. Switzerland has a beautiful flag don’t let them take it away.

  44. Oh they want to remove the cross from the flag?! Okay, sure, the Swiss should remove it when:

    1 – Islam gives equal rights to every one including religious and cultural minorities
    2 – Islam gives up killing apostates
    3 – Islam gives up sexual apartheid
    4 – Islam gives up calling the Jews apes and pigs, and calling Christians those that will incur the wrath of “allah”
    5 – Islam allows the building of churches in Mecca

  45. The cross depicted on the Swiss flag predates the Crucifix of Christianity. This is obvious by the equal sided arms. This probably derived from the ancient Egyptian Ankh which was been a symbol of life and fertility. There is absolutely no reason to remove it from the Swiss flag as a symbol of Christianity.

  46. If the hated-minded muslims don’t like the cross on any flag then they should get rid of the star and cresant symbols on their flags like Turkey(they are called moderate and tolorent),Pakastan, Malaysia and on their mosques. If they don’t like it,then leave!

  47. Many Muslims are the adversaries of all peaceful people all over the world. You clamor for removal of the Christian symbol and yet you couldn’t do the same in your countries. You are being protected in Christian countries as citizens and yet you persecute and murder Christian minorities in your countries. There is no reason for you to complain in the country where you are just a stranger. Follow the laws of the place where you are.

    This is the problem when a religion is completely false. Its adherents cannot live in harmony with their neighbors and they want to dominate them. I read your Qur’an and I know what your faith teaches you. You really want to slaughter Jews and Christians someday. And of course, that will never happen because you god is not the true God. The true God never asks his adherents to kill. He is Love. And your god in Islam divides people, asks for murder and creates wars and domination. That is not the true God.

    1. Thanks Johannes, I’ll repost your comment on the front pages of the TT.

  48. I have just written an article on entitled: ‘The Jews of Switzerland’ from the middle ages to the 21st century.
    It is a known fact that wherever the Jews have settled they enriched their country of adoption by contributing so much in every field to show their gratitude in being accepted as citizens, what have the Arab & non-Arab muslims contributed to their adopted countries, well I will tell you nothing but trouble, In Malmo, Sweden they have managed to terrorize the tiny Jewish community which at one time numbered 1,700 now it has fallen to under 700, many have fled to Israel for fear of being attacked by Muslim immigrants, some other’s have joined their relatives in other western countries considered safer than sweden. Norway is another country where Jews have lived in peace since the end of world war two, however that country has also accepted so many Arab and Non-arab Muslims that have now caused so much misery to the very tiny Jewish community of Norway. The last time I was in Geneva i was so surprised to see so many Arab and non-Arab-Muslims, it would seem that they now want to dictate what the Swiss Flag should look like as they do not like the Swiss-Cross, well i would suggest to them that they are not forced to live in Switzerland, that they have many choices of where to go in the Arab and Muslim World. If they cannot buckle down and accept the ways of Switzerland to live as Swiss-Citizens in a non-Muslim Christian Country their Swiss-Citizenship should be revoked and promptly ejected from Swiss-Soil.

  49. If they don’t like it they should go live in sand country.
    Changing the flag is the same as handing over the country. Might as well just hand over your women and infant daughters to become sex slaves and then kill yourself for being an infidel.
    You DO HAVE international support to fight this BULLSHIT.
    FIGHT. or just give up and turn your back to them so they don’t have to travel far to stab you in the back.

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