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As the Tundra Tabloids has mentioned earlier, elections have consequences, as in Finland, if the Islam critical parties would have been the ones forming the government, no Dane (or Finn) would be traveling to the Durban III anti-Israel conference. This is the stark reality of the situation, the more Left the party, the more tolerant they are towards intolerant Muslims and less likely to be openly friendly with the Jewish state. KGS

Elections in Denmark – bad news for Israel?

The uncertainty surrounding the European economic project played an important role in recent Danish parliamentary elections. The voting masses turned away from the conservatives and embraced the opposition parties Radikale Venstre (Socialist People’s Party) which gained eight seats and the Red-Green alliance,Endhedslisten which also increased its number of seats by eight. The conservative parties lost thirteen seats, although the ruling Venstre (Liberal Party) is still the country’s largest political party.

How the Danish election result will impact the country’s foreign policy remains to be seen, but as with other Nordic countries, the political disposition of the party determines its attitude toward Israel. The attitudes generally hover somewhere between cautious friendliness, indifference and unconcealed hostility. The right wing parties are generally more inclined to support Israel whereas the left is hesitant and often aggressively antagonistic.

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