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  1. How horrible – Buddhists destroy a small Muslim shrine.

    Muslims OTH are renowned for respecting churches, temples, and stupas. Just look at all the churches and temples in Muslim countries.

  2. This is what the Christians, Hindus, Jews and Sikhs need to emulate.

  3. We have had enough with Muslims! We must defend ourselves from their backwardness.

    Non-Muslims are always the victim but Muslims will try to make themselves victim first and foremost.

    This is just non-Muslims reacting to the barbaric Muslims and their Islam. More and more people will fight back against their barbarism when it becomes more obvious that they don’t want take over and subjugate us.

  4. Muslims like to build mosques in Anuradhapura, Mecca of Buddhists.

    They should stop doing so.

    1. I fully agree with you Rama, Islamization has to be met with its counter forces. Reject their nonsense and reveal the truth, that Islam is a strict monoculture riding the waves of mindless multiculturalism. They use our own stupid system against us….. in the name of multiculturalism. This who support MC are either willfully blind or incredibly evil.

    1. Islam is what creates bad muslims. Just look to your warlord founder as a prime example, the exact opposite of Jesus Christ.

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