Finland Terrorism



Let us guess, they’re Muslims. Regardless of how Finland is off the international jihad’s radar screen, the potential for terrorist activity is real, all you need are a handful of nut-jobs and there you have it. KGS

UPDATE: Ilta Sanomat: terrorist suspects of Somali background

Quoting police sources, Saturday’s edition of the tabloid Ilta Sanomat claims the two persons suspected of terrorist related crimes are a man and woman of Somali background. The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), however, has not confirmed the paper’s claim to YLE. Neither did the police give details of the ethnic background of the two suspects at a press conference held on Saturday. The paper also said the suspects were not planning an attack in Finland.


The start of the formal investigation followed a long period of intelligence gathering carried out by the Finnish Security Intelligence Service (Supo). Responsibility for the case was shifted to the National Bureau of Investigation in May of this year. The arrests and searches were carried out as joint NB-SUPO operations and a joint team is continuing investigations.

According to YLE’s information, two prosecutors from the Office of the State Prosecutor have already been named to handle the case. The maximum sentence for the possible charges is eight years imprisonment.

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  1. finns, your people fought a brave war against overwhelming odds to keep the soviets our of your country. your new war would be so easy to win. your opponents are a huge number of cowardly liars, whose only weapon is calling people they dont like “islamophobic”, and their ideal friends, the vicious muslim murderers, rapists, and genocidists who are invading your country. all you have to do is tolerate the taunts of your enemies, let the “islamophobe” label fall on deaf ears, and expel the invading enemy, and you can stay the nation of FINland. fail in this easy task, and you can join the rest of europe in submission to an evil god and his criminal prophet.

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