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Thanks to Holger Danske for the heads up on this excellent chart, that sums up pretty nicely the threat to our Western liberal democracies.

Caveat: There’s a big difference between the freedom to eat and wear what you want, and the availability of those items on the store shelves.

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  1. If you add all the “No” of communism and Nazism, iwe get 7. Islam has 9 “Nos”.

    Islam is worse then communism and Nazism combined.

    The historic record of Islam backs that up.

  2. Sexual freedom under the Nazis? What were all those pink triangles about? And as for marrying who you love, a rather risky move if you were an ‘Aryan German’ in love with a Jew/Jewess. Without looking it up, wasn’t there something about being homosexual in the USSR which could land you in the loony bin, if not worse?
    These tables are fine if you stick to the facts.

  3. Just an observation, all six of the individual proponents of the main totalitarian ideologies have either a beard or a moustache. Hmm, beware of men with facial hair, they bring unrest.

  4. I agree that islam is the most restrictive but it’s not nearly as this shows.

    —Women’s Equality:
    It is a fact that Commies and Nazis gave LIP SERVICE to equality of the sexes but it was absolutely not the case in actual practice.
    Not that their were zero women up the ranks…they had to keep up appearances…but it was a sham.

    Same with the races issue. Both Russian and Chinese Communists targeted cultures. The Russians also went after the Jews, Gypsies, etc but not as aggressively as the Nazis.

    It’s all owned by the state so you get what they let you have. You might stand in line for 6 hours to get a rotting green sausage. Or if your out in the boonies and things get rough you might be intentionally starved to death to reduce the hungry mouths.
    AFAK even the muslims didn’t do this like the USSR and China.

    Since muslim men can freely rape any woman they catch alone I don’t see how you can say they don’t have sexual freedom!

    Just like the food. You can have any color jacket you want in China as long as it’s green! Of course now that they have moved toward a free market and Christianity is growing like a wild fire things have moved away from totalitarianism.

    This par is quite misguided and nothing to brag about: The whole idea that kids know who they should marry is a very recent concept in human history. It has proved to be a very bad idea for the family.
    The terrible cultural fallout of dating and marriage as the result of emotion instead of reason is the #1 cause of the divorce rate. Parents are far more aware of what a child needs to keep them one track. Just as we know which friends have the best effect on them and which drag them down. We also have a more mature long term outlook than they and are not subject to excitement of their emotions and hormones. The Chinese continued to arrange marriages and the Soviets had terrible ones.
    Even accepting that this is somehow a productive freedom it seems of little comfort when inside any totalitarian system.
    (sugg reading “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” )

    I think a much more apt comparison of these 3 would be
    to envision three red hot branding irons;
    – one with a hammer and sickle
    – one with a crescent moon and
    – one with a swastika
    OK?….now you get to choose which one is shoved……

    There is a reason all 3 of these philosophies have been besties in the past. They only fight when they both want the same thing.

  5. Nazism disallowed homosexuality, which means that “Freedom to marry whom one loves” and “Sexual freedom” should have a big fat NO for the Nazi column.

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