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About time, lets see how it works out in practice. KGS


(ANSAmed) – PARIS – Beginning this evening at midnight, holding Muslim prayers in the streets of Paris will be prohibited. The announcement was made by France’s Interior Minister, Claude Gueant, in an interview published today by the daily Le Figaro, which noted that ”use of force” against those not complying with the regulation had not been ruled out.

The minister underscored that a ”convention” had been signed with Muslim associations so that a former barracks could be used as a place of prayer. For a long time Paris Muslims have met in the city streets on Friday, especially in the working class neighbourhood Goutte d’Or (18th arrondissement), due to a lack of space in mosques.

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  1. About time! This has been going on for over a long time. Time to put an end to it.

  2. If these ‘devout followers of the teachings of the prophet’ are serious in their quest for a place to pray, may I suggest as most other religious groups do is put their money where there mouths are, collect some funds, and purchase their own houses of worship. This ‘praying’ in the streets IMHO is more about in your face Islamic supremacy and regional domination then religious freedom. Governments that bend over backwards to accommodate Muslim groups only embolden them to demand more and more.

  3. What a sigh of relief! Now we need to see more of the brave Claude Gueants and less
    of the spineless politicians in the rest of the Western World.

  4. There’ll be repercussions no doubt, either from half-witted leftie protestors or angry ‘poor old victimised’ Muslim hotheads, but nevertheless a brave and intelligent choice by the French. Looks like the spirit of Charles Martel may still be alive.
    Just waiting now for the other Eurobuffoons to pull their heads out of the sand and start legislating hard and fast against Islamic infiltration.

  5. Erm, there’s an election early next year in France and Sarkozy is under pressure from Marine Le Penn.

    Does anyone think that this may just be temporary until Sarkozy has secured another term of office…

  6. I’m not convinced. Next they’ll demand the French churches that have low attendance be converted into mosques and then they’ll want mosques constructed with taxpayer money . And if their demands aren’t met there will be war in the streets. That’s what I see down the road.

    Or has the government made some back door deal with them that they don’t want the public to know about? Something doesn’t smell right.

  7. Religious expression should not be on public streets period

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