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So the morons at Columbia are intent on doing it all over again. The Left do love their tyrants and homicidal murderers. KGS

From Challah Hu Akbar:

In another story we learn that

Chan said that so far he hasn’t heard any concerns from members of the group.

“Everyone was really enthusiastic,” Chan said. “They’re thrilled to have this opportunity.”

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  1. Can’t say I’m surprised. The education system in the West went to pot years ago.
    At one time education meant ‘researching all known facts from as many different sources as possible and coming to your own well-argued conclusions’.
    Now it means ‘believing what your lefty professor tells you and never agreeing with anything that is not politically correct’.
    The lefties are probably upset that Bin Laden is dead because they no longer have to chance to invite him to one of their colleges to give a lecture on ‘peace and the rights of women’.
    Oh, dear!

  2. Not surprising at all considering the educational system is full of liberal narcissistic sociopaths that churn out “activists” that can barely read or compose a sentence . Schools where there are 90% remedial rates that teach classes about Madonna,have live sex shows and play video games as exams would love to hear the enlightened views of this sawed off,antisemitic piece of garbage. Maybe he will bring vids of hanging gays and brutally slaughtering dogs for amusement .

  3. No surprise here, most of our institutions of higher learning are mere ‘commie factories’ turning out mind dulled liberal, leftists, the products of the out of touch professors, who are leftovers from the sickening 60’s revolution. These liberal, lackeys, and lapdogs of radical Islam are tripping over each other to meet and greet the ‘Hitler of our times’. Little do these fools realize, they would be the first to be imprisoned or tortured in a religious dictatorship like Iran, just for meeting with someone without ‘official’ approval. Looking back the facilitators of most revolutions are the first to be eliminated. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc. all got rid of anyone suspected of not toeing the ‘party line’, and there are a lot of folks ‘missing’ in Iran. IMHO most leftists have a weird and perverted fascination with dictators and Islam because they are all about total control.

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