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  1. These pictures break my heart. I feel like crying 🙁

    Never Forget!

  2. Never Forget! That’s 100% correct , I’m sick of and disgusted by the touchy feely, hand wringing, and Politically Correct statements made by the political class and the MSM, who simply refuse to call the vicious terrorist attack on 9/11 an act of war. Yes, an attack on our Western culture, institutions, and way of life, in an ongoing 1400+ yrs. war by the Islamofascist radicals of the religious/political system commonly referred to as Islam. And what do we the fools in the West do, we attempt to negotiate with these inbred mutants who by their teachings and the admission of their so-called scholars or Imams call for a world wide Caliphate under Sharia Law with no rights or freedoms for non Muslims. The fools and dupes in the EU are attempting to bribe the ME governments already influenced by the Muslim Brotherhood with 50+ billions of Euros for supposed promotion of democracy. This is shear lunacy .

  3. Great contribution of a peacefull religion to the civilisation

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