Amer had few words to describe the terrifying ordeal.
“They were animals,” she said.

Fahmy lay on top of Amer, shielding her with his body.

“I was thinking, how powerless I was because there was no police to save us,” Fahmy said. “I was worried that they were going to rape her.”

At that moment, a student bystander named Mohammed el Banna called out to the journalists and pointed out a nearby car.

Somehow, Fahmy managed to carry Amer to the open door of the public television crew’s car, where two of her female colleagues were waiting just a few feet away.

The mob pounded on the windows and tried to reach into the vehicle as the panicked reporters fumbled and struggled to get behind the steering wheel.

When Margaret Warner, a correspondent with the PBS program “Newshour” managed to get the vehicle moving away from the crowd, men threw stones at the departing vehicle.

Amer had few words to describe the terrifying ordeal.

“They were animals,” she said.

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  1. Egypt will go like Afghanistan. Best just to evacuate those committed to peace and hermetically seal the place off for a hundred years or so.

    No toursism, no gas exports, the country is predicted to hit the wall financially this fall, and so there is not much hope for Egypt.

    Thank you President Obama for standing up for anarchy – you got your “hope and change” at least in Egypt.

  2. Obama actually meant “Change and hope”, but misread the teleprompter.

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