No, not with the tip of their tongues, but with the end of their guns. This reminds the TT of the Khmer Rouge, and their war on the French language, shooting anyone who taught or spoke it. KGS

Somalia: Islamic Militants Threaten the English Language

Mogadishu, 8 Sept. (AKI) – The English language in Somalia has been under threat by the Al-Qaeda linked militant group Al-Shabab, according to London based pan -Arab newspaper Al-Quds Al-Arabi.

Through intimidation Al-Shabab militants in control of the the southern Somali city of Chisimaio have banned the teaching of English in schools, ordering teachers to replaced it with Arabic – the language of the Koran.

“We were following a program used in Kenya, Sudan and Malaysia that uses only English in the classroom to prepare students to study in a foreign university,” said a teacher. “Now we can’t even teach and will have to replace our teachers that come from Kenya who can’t speak Arabic.”

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  1. Pol Pot was a friend and college colleague of Francois Genoud, hitler’s banker in Switzerland.

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