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  1. So poignant. Thank You …………NEVER FORGET!

  2. KGS, thank you so much for posting all these photos, videos and articles. In the “teddybear-ization” of 9/11 going on everywhere, it’s important that we never forget what actually happened that day, who was behind it and which evil, murderous ideology they based their actions on.

    1. Thanks Cecilie. The MSM and political leaders want to wish away the enemy and their deeds from our eyes. They’re desperate to change the names of the guilty in order to protect the guilty. Not on my watch. Just as the German people were made to confront their Nazi past, the Muslims must be forced to come to terms with the end results to the fulfillment of their ideology’s demands. These were not wayward Muslims that stole planes and flew them and their kidnapped hostages into the WTC buildings, the Pentagon and into a field at Shanksville PA., they were pious Muslims who could quote verbatim entire portions of the koran, hadiths and sunna of the founder of their ideology. They need to be deprogrammed as much as the nazis.

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