Living standards for the fundamustard in Egypt couldn’t be better. KGS

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UPDATE: Challah Hu Akbar has more: Report: Muslim Brotherhood Welcomes Idea of Opening Hamas Offices in Cairo (Aug,25, 2011)

Hamas Looks to Cairo for New Headquarters

Hamas co-founder Mahmoud al-Zahar says Hamas may relocate its Damascus headquarters to Cairo due to the widespread unrest in Syria.

Hamas co-founder Mahmoud al-Zahar announced Friday the terror movement is may relocate its headquarters from Damascus to Cairo. It is the first time a senior Hamas official openly admitted they were looking at a move.

“All the Palestinians in Syria are in distress, not just Hamas. There are many options in terms of the organization’s headquarters and Egypt is one of them,” he said.

Al-Zahar also addressed the possibility that other senior Hamas officials will return to Gaza and noted this depended on each of them personally.

“Gaza is open to all,” he stressed. “There are leaders who may return to Gaza and some may not. “

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  1. Once upon a time, over thirty years ago, a kindly bearded gentleman promised the people of a far away country that he would help them to rebel against their cruel and nasty dictator. The people did so and the dictator was gone!
    The kindly bearded gentleman then took power himself but he turned out to be Satan disguised as Santa and was far more nasty than the dictator who had left.
    Well today what happened in Iran looks like it’s going to happen in Egypt.
    I have a female friend who loves to travel and frequently sunbathes topless in Sharm-el-Sheikh. ‘Not for much longer’, I keep on telling her…..

  2. HamASS is looking to relocate to better real estate, which means they are moving from the gutter in Damascus to turn Egypt into a cesspool of even more radical Islam. In the future the Egyptian populace will beg for the return of King Farouk or even the reincarnation of Gamal Abdul Nasser. Their ‘Arab Spring’ will become their ‘Brotherhood Hell’.

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