Now what would be the international outcry if Israeli citizens started sniping with high-powered rifles back at them? KGS


Gunshots fired at western Negev homes; no injuries

Palestinian snipers fire at houses in Netiv Haasara, causing damage to several homes
Shmulik Hadad

Published: 09.09.11, 10:48 / Israel News

While the rocket fire has subsided, a new threat has emerged for the Gaza vicinity communities – gunshots fired from the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian snipers from the northern Gaza Strip fired at least 10 shots at houses in Netiv Haasara on Friday. No injuries were reported, however damage was caused to several houses. The residents were ordered to stay indoors as the IDF canvassed the area and were allowed to leave an hour later.

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  1. The Israelis should ignore the U.N. and start fighting back. They should drive the Palestinians into the desert. There’ll be a few anti-Israeli protests here and there and some noises made by dhimmi politicians and threats by Muslim extremists but that’
    ll be about it.
    The Muslim world is shit-scared of Israel and have only bullied her more because they believe she has gone soft. Once Israelis start kicking ass, the likes of Ahmedinajad and all the other tin-pot overblown Muzz leaders will be laying eggs in their pajamas!

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