When informing the public about violence in the street is considered a crime, it’s time to push the reset button. KGS

LIVELEAK: In December 2008 a pack of Muslims launched an unprovoked attack on a young Frenchman on board a bus in Paris. As they beat him, they shouted insults like “fils de pute” [son of a bitch] and “Français de merde” [French shit]. Interestingly, French mainstream media reports mention the first of these insults but not the second.

The whole incident was captured by the bus’s on-board camera. A policeman later published the video on his Facebook page. When the video spread around the internet, the policeman was charged with “violation of professional confidentiality”. He has just been convicted and sentenced to two months in prison (suspended) and will be required to pay 5000 euros in compensation to the victim of the attack. 

The perpetrators of the attack were also caught and convicted.

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  1. Let’s hope by ” victim” you mean the one who was attacked. In which case some good would come of it.

  2. These people are behaving like wild animals,cowardly wild animals outnumbering their victim and attacking in packs, if they feel like this about us then they have absolutely no place in Western societies, our leaders and politicians know this is the truth, but due to Petro $$ and Cultural marxism/relativism do nothing. When will this be brought to a HALT!

  3. Wild animal behave much better than this!

    Where are the police? the bus driver? other passengers? This is utter madness!

  4. Nothing new here, mes amis. The solution? Infidels need to undergo basic training in self defence such as taekwondo, or some other form of martial arts such as krav maga to protect themelves from these misfits. They only attack in packs – alone they will do nothing. Just like jackals.

    1. Basic weapons training and when you are attacked and in fear for your life, enact your right to self preservation and shoot your attacker in the head.

  5. Our political and business leaders, the media, vast numbers of the infidel population and even an growing core of religious leaders stand by as enforced and often legislated ignorance allows Islam to radically alter our way of life.

    With this in mind as enlightened and fair minded people, we should celebrate as political correctness and the democratic process drive our polite and weakened Western societies to capitulation in the face of the dysfunctional ideology.

    Sure, let’s hold the high moral ground whilst down on our knees.


  6. Good thing the victim wasn’t Jewish otherwise it wouldn’t have even been a crime.

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