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This is what the far-Left stands for, the tearing down of Western institutions, ideals and values, and substituting it with their own warped view of how things should be. The man’s “art” would be blown up by the same degenerates that blew up the ancient Buddhist statues. What an absolute immoral buffoon. KGS

Dresden artist builds a monument to Taliban


Dresden / Berlin – Can it be? Here is an artist who welded a monument for the fallen Taliban , which he wants to set up Sunday in Berlin. Ironically, the 10th Anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York!

NOTE: It isn’t ‘ironic’ that he wants it inaugurated on 9/11, it’s his intention to provoke with it on that date. The rest of the article is viewable in German. If the TT can get it into English, this post will be updated.


Germany: A monument to the Taliban

Junge Freiheit 9 September 2011

The Dutchman Wouter Mijland plans to build in Berlin on 11September a monument for fallen Taliban fighters. The past four years living in Dresden artist wants to set up a two-meter high sculpture in secret, in the public square. He sees this as a deliberate counterpoint to the new army memorial.

Mijland claims a “new culture with the German war memorial and exciting television ARD in which journalists can go to the army to hunt Taliban in Afghanistan.” This development, he called in an interview published on his website “frightening and wrong.”

The Islamic threat “is a product of Western propaganda”

“I want to provoke, perhaps, but not known to be” versichtert Mijland, who calls his monument a “cheap provocation.” He wanted instead to “that some people think differently about the 11 September 2001 and its consequences on the polarization and stigmatization of people of Muslim religion.”

More here in German

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  1. Another ‘useful idiot’ we could do without!
    Hitler, al-Husseini and Bin Laden must be laughing in their graves….

    1. Add Stáljin, Ljéñin, Mao, Pol Pot, Kún and the other Commies as well as Muhammad!!!

  2. Can I suggest that Wouter Mujland is incorporated into his monument and left to rot along with his scrap iron , that just might put a smile on the Berliners face .

    1. The doctor makes an excellent suggestion. Call it “ode to Leftist crap”.

  3. Nice scarf, @@@hole.

    No, I have nothing nice to say about this dhimmi-dummy.

  4. “My enemy’s enemy is my friend. My enemy is the Jew and the Jew’s enemy is my friend.” This must be the reason why the Germanic people love the Muslims.

    1. It goes deeper than that KK. There is a whole psychology around Europe’s Jew hatred, there are many layers to it.

  5. Ah, the Dutch…the same people who are hard at work to legalize child porn, and abolish age-of-consent laws

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