Yes, and he’s also a psychiatrist.

One of Norway’s top publishing houses offers a storybook for children whose plot involves a father and daughter who pilots a water tanker from Norway all the way to the WB security fence, and can’t get through because of the evil Israelis. Real sick stuff.

The evidence gathered on both the Tundra Tabloids and Norway, Israel and the Jews websites on Norway, is overwhelming. The Norwegian political system and its culture has been warped by a Leftist cabal of sick minded elitists for decades, and it has left an indelible mark on its society. KGS

Poisoning the minds of Norwegian children

Tuva’s Daddy is a pirate, and every summer he hops in the pirate tanker to maraud the seas. His mission is just as secret as it is scary. Every year Tuva asks if she can join Daddy on his travels. Daddy lines her up next to the measuring marks drawn on the wall. Hurray! This year, finally, she is big enough!

First they sail the sea in Finland. The tanker is full to bursting point, but where is all the water to go? They drive and drive through country after country, until eventually soldiers and a high wall stand in their way. On the other side is Palestine. But how will they get through the wall and to those who need the water most?

Pappa er sjørøvar is a rare and fresh political picture book for children. With illustrations from Silje Granhaug, Sande takes us on a journey of warmth and importance, and asks the big questions that aren’t raised often enough. Why is the world so unfair? And what can you and I do about it?

Children’s’ books are not highest on the translator’s list over important assignments-usually. The book above (This is a copy of the publisher’s description) is an exemption.

First of all, the title: It literally says “Dad is a pirate”.

Then, the publishers: Cappelen Damm is not some fringe publisher, but on the contrary one of Norway’s largest publishing houses.

Most important, however, is the text and the illustrations- and remember, this is a book intended for children age5/ 6+.

The main action in the book is the daddy of one girl named Tuva, whose daddy is stealing water in order to get it to- you guessed it- the Palestinians, if only those evil Israelis let him pass the highest wall in the world. Those Palestinians are terribly suppressed, of course, and longs to go “home”, which we are led to understand is present day Israel. Of course, the situation for the Palestinians is “unjust”. In order to get water through to the Palestinians (Obviously, the Israelis have stolen it) Tuva’s daddy gets those brutal Israeli soldiers drunk.

The translator is not making this up.

Read the rest at the NIJ website. 

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  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

    Those who demonise Israel, who present a perverted distorted image of Israel due to their personal bias, will reap the consequences in the fullness of time.

    Norway is going down the toilet and the corruption of children by such people as this psychiatrist will have conseequences – consequences not anticipated.

  2. It is truly a disturbing that book.That book should have not been written ,and the minds that think likewise are very misguided.Mabey Anders is on to something.

  3. Wasn’t the Fort Hood buffoon a psychiatrist as well?

  4. Hello guys…How can one get in touch with this bastard so called psychiatrist. Phone or email contact would be appriciated

    Best regards

    1. No idea Mr.Brooklyn, one would have to do some digging for that one.

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