Obama obamablunders


Obama, the war president.

This clearly shows that the Bush administration’s policies during its eights years in office, were not revolting to the Democrats after all. Outside of keeping the homeland safe -which his administration did amazingly well and they deserve our deepest gratitude- in retrospect, the TT can’t say that all of Bush’s policies, were the right policies.

Daniel Pipes was correct when he observed that, regime change, coupled with pulling coalition troops out of the major cities into a protected perimeter for a specified time would be one an attainable objective with a lower cost in US funding and manpower, attempting a complete makeover of Iraqi society was an entirely different subject altogether.

The noise however, made against many of Bush’s policies by the Democratic party and their supporters all during his administration was all about politics, not about the soundness of the policies themselves. Full stop. The way the Dems went after the president, full of vitriol and vindictiveness over policies that they agreed with in private, is unforgivable.

Water-boarding and GITMO are just a few classic examples. Truth be told, they (the Dems) were just rearguing the bitter 2000 elections that ended in Al Gore’s defeat, and used it as a club to beat up Bush during the remainder of his tenure, as he was desperately trying to keep al-Qaida off balance and the US safe from attack.

Obama is a shallow, crass, narcissistic politician, and thankfully, he and cadre of naive and incompetent advisors weren’t on watch during 9/11, that’s one mighty big consolation. KGS

H/T: Vlad

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