EDL Tommy Robinson


That is exactly what he is. Let Tommy Robinson go! KGS

In response to an enquiry from Luton Today, EDL spokesperson Helen Gower said: “Tommy is on a hunger strike and will only be accepting water.”

She added: “He is now a ‘political prisoner’ of the state and isn’t prison food halal, something which Tommy feels very strongly about and campaigns against.”

Mr Lennon addressed EDL members in London on Saturday after travelling to the event disguised in a beard and hat, which the Jewish Chronicle website said was intended to make him look like a rabbi.

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  1. There is real danger here. If the EDL is not listened to, it will continue to be a street protest organisation, but will also form a paramilitary wing and a political party.

    Then what will the government do? Unlike Sinn Fein, EDL is totally loyal to the Crown.
    It is of stuff like this that civil wars are made off.

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