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The Democrat run Congressional Black Caucus, and other Democrats as well, are stoking the coals for violence in the run up to the next US presidential and congressional elections in 2012. They’re ginning up the discourse with over the top statements from well known black Leftist personalities who are openly lying to their constituencies about the Tea Party, scaring them into believing the worst possible memes, like Jessie Jackson’s claim that the demand to uphold States’ Rights by the Tea Party, equals a call to the repealing of abolition amendments etc..

J.Jackson and Al Sharpton and others, including some Black politicians, are setting the stage for violence against Tea Party activists in the coming election year. Mark my words, this is dangerous, dangerous talk. Never mind the fact that the points they raise are false, it’s the rhetoric they’re using to ignite mob violence that’s of most concern to me. It’s irresponsible and the Democratic party leadership should be held accountable for not disciplining their members.

Now to the video itself.

The points Jesse Jackson raises in this video are illogical, by refusing to mention the central government’s role during the slave years, he promotes the view that the central government was an innocent party, though its supreme court upheld Southerners’ “property rights” of the slaves that fled from them to northern states, as well as the federal government enforcing of Jim Crow laws in the military and in public institutions under southern Democrat, Woodrow Wilson.

It was in fact, northern states acting upon the tenth amendment that guaranteed states’ rights, stood in the gap for Blacks who had escaped slavery in the south, defying the federal government’s demand that slaves be repatriated to “their lawful owners”. So much for the so called evilness of “states’ rights” and by default, those in the Tea Party that are championing them. It was the northern states upholding their states rights that finally freed Blacks from slavery, and at a high cost in blood.

Keep this in mind as you watch the video. KGS

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  1. The so-called Rev. Jessie Hijackson and his loudmouth sidekick Rev. Al Sharkton are the original ‘racial racketeers’. These tools of the left are always on the forefront exploiting every situation from an racial angle. They are in it for the money, shaking down large corporations for unfounded and bogus acts of ‘discrimination’ has become their life’s work. Cleverly masked as champions of ‘civil rights’ has not fooled. the wise among us we know their real goal is ‘civil riots’. These two messengers of hate dispense their verbal diarrhea at every opportunity. Most of us are sick and tired of their constant harangues of ‘victimhood’ every time they appear before the MSM

  2. Jackson and Sharpton are desperate for attention.The have become irrelevant and immaterial and are thankfully viewed as what they are; racist,hate mongers feeding off their own people.
    They have nothing valuable to contribute to society and in many cases they have caused irreparable damage to our communities.They have no interest in equality,peace or social harmony,they would be unemployed without their victims and the imagined hate they promote.

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