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It’s what the Netherlands’ and Ireland experienced after they voted against the EU constitution and the Lisbon Treaty, so now it’s the Finns’ turn. Personally speaking, every Finn should meet this fake president at the airport and give them a piece of their mind. KGS

FINLAND SPEAKS: Hey Herman von Rompuy, screw you!


NOTE: Finland’s demand for loan guarantees is the topic for discussions, it’s why the evil has landed. Don’t believe the official line, the sole purpose for this visit by this hack bureaucrat is timed for the pressuring of Finnish politicians. The supposed ‘annual tour of EU capitals’ canard is mere window dressing, which YLE happily provides..


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  1. Wow! The president of Europe? That’s more powerfull than Napoleon AND Hitler! That election must have been the biggest in history! So who did you vote for TT? What was it like to go into a voting booth and cast your vote for the president of Europe? That must have been a great day for all Europians. One of the best in history.

  2. Sorry for the snark but It is my impression that Europians can vote for parties but not the actual EU president.

  3. So the EU is basically a Republic and not a Democracy?

    1. IMHO the European Union is looking more like the former Soviet Union. According to a US dictionary one definition of a republic is ‘ a country governed by elected representatives of it’s people’. The EU has all of the appearances of a free society with it’s so-called parliament, however with no direct input from it’s citizens, and the loss on national sovereignty, it looks like a dictatorship cleverly disguised as a representative government.

    1. Sheik! I haven’t a clue mate! There isn’t anything I have done. Sometimes a browser is the problem.

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