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It a big admission to make! The Tundra Tabloids has argued, debated for years with anti-Israel types over just that, the designation of the WB (and at the time Gaza) was in fact disputed territory, not occupied land. That is how the UN designated it from the very beginning, the Arabs and their supporters still cling to the myth (and want you to follow suit) that “Palestine has always been a sovereign state, and that Israel is in occupation of its land. That is simply not the case. It was territory in which Israel was/still is, the high contracting power.

As the TT has mentioned on repeated occasions, UNSCR 242 is designated as a Chapter 6 resolution, which by default calls for a negotiated settlement. In direct contrast to 242, the UNSC’s resolution 1441, that approved of the war to dislodge Iraq from Kuwait, was a Chapter 7 which demanded full compliance by Iraq to remove its armed forces and government officials from sovereign Kuwaiti territory that it was illegally in occupation of.

It’s a big difference.

The only time the WB was illegally occupied, was during the Jordanian occupation, and not a single Muslim state voiced a dissenting opinion. Face the facts that even Abbas has been forced to admit in his scheme to get the dynamics changed in their conflict with Israel. The WB is still disputed territory. Abbas’ move to get the freak show called the UN General Assembly to vote in favor a Palestinian state is solely to get the UN’s official status of Judea and Samaria changed from, disputed territories, to “occupied land”.

That is what this is all about, straight from the mouth of Abbas himself. KGS

JPost: Abbas said that the PA application to the UN calls for transforming the Palestinian territories from the status of disputed lands to a state under occupation.

Read it here.

H/T: David Frankfurter

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  1. Why ‘disputed?’

    Why is it called Judea & Samaria?

    Because its Jewish land, always was. Always will be.

    The first thing we should do is stop calling it ‘West Bank’.

    That’s PC speak for the Arab trap.

    1. The Shiek speaks the truth always! I second your sentiments!

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