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  1. We in the West had better get over our neurosis about appearing “racist”. The whole concept of racism has been cheapened by our misidentification of the resistance to barbarism as “racist”.

    Everyone should take a lesson from the Arab/Muslim world… look at some PMW or MEMRI clips and learn that they have absolutely no hangup about true bigotry and racism, derision and incitement of violence against Western culture to the point that murder of Westerners is taught to many of their children.

    It is appalling and hard to understand why we insist on being so “nice”, just as the dodo bird accepted the sailors which made them extinct. The era of naivete and P-C group-hug thinking is gone.

  2. IMHO if the larger ‘moderate Muslim’ population remains silent and does not clean up and ‘keep their own house in order’, I fear that they will suffer and pay dearly for the behavior of the ‘radical Islamists’. They cannot turn a blind eye to what is going on forever. A problem ignored is never solved.

    1. Big Frank, you are exactly right. How does the saying go, those who “sow the wind and reap the whirlwind.”

  3. I have no faith in so-called moderate Muslims. The distinction is meaningless for all practical purposes.

    Let us consider the hypothetical situation that ALL Muslims at present living in the West, accepted the call, under the threat of expulsion, to clean up their communities of extremism . They even went further and made changes in their teachings of the Koran and the jihad. Such an outcome would no doubt come as a relief to many on this site, the government, the MSM, and elsewhere. But I counter, that all such changes were being done merely to protect the ummah while it grows at ever-increasing pace in the West. Once a near majority is achieved, that future generation of Muslims will simply revoke any changes(Taqqiya is advocated for Muslims when under stress), and return to the traditions of the unchanging and unchangeable Koran i.e., the canonical texts of Islam that cannot be changed, but only protected when under duress. That future generation of Muslims in the UK or the West, will even praise this generation of Muslims for having done what was necessary to protect Islam.

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