Another show of Mohammedan muscle in the streets. It’s difficult to recall any other group of people worshipping a deity making a public spectacle such as this. It’s not about worshipping, it’s about flexing a muscle in the public’s eye. This is coming to a neighborhood near you soon enough. KGS

H/T: Vlad

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  1. This is riciculous. As you write, it is the edge of the wedge of Sharia being forced on the public. I wish the Russian politicians, KGB, Police, Stasi or whoever would all get together with horses and tanks and the army and take these illiterate and retarded asslifters down the next time they try this – send them all to their virgins in the sky. Now, that would send a definite message to the world about the Death Cult started by a pedophile raving lunatic.

  2. You don’t see this in other religions.

    This is barbarianism at its best by Muslims. Stop them now while we can.

    This Muslim arrogance will be the downfall of Muslims and Islam. Muslims are coming out of the woodwork because they think they have enough numbers to be a force against non-Muslims. Things like this happens. They will wage war against non-Muslims when they think they could win to make humanity submit to Islam.

    Non-Muslims are smarter and more technologically advanced. We will stop them and at last have peace.

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