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Saudi Arabia, a place where one can still visit the 7th century and not be in a musuem


TSN: News bulletin: Be on the lookout for a bald magician missing fingernails

Magic blamed for road mishap

A Saudi man and his family suffered from medium injuries when their car overturned in the Gulf Kingdom and police believe the accident could have been caused by magic, press reports said on Friday.

Police checking the damaged car found pieces of human nails and hair tied to each other and wrapped in a handkerchief, which was concealed under one seat, Ajel daily said in a report from the northwestern town of Hail.

“Security officials believe the accident was caused by magic after finding those items in the car…the maid was with the family when the accident occurred but it was not immediately known if she was involved in the magic work.”

4 Responses

  1. Of course! Someone has to be responsible for this accident. They will behead the maid for witchcraft.

  2. First the strange incidents by a Jinn ,witnessed by folks consuming too much Gin. Now accusations and rumors of sorcery and witchcraft will surely circulate around the ‘Kingdom’. After all a’ true follower of the teachings of the prophet’, especially a pious male Muslim could hardly be accused of ‘driver error’ or driving a faulty vehicle.

  3. Right, who needs a time machine when we can just go to Islamic states to experience the 7th century. The Muslims there still believe that the earth is flat according to their holy book the Quran! Non-Muslims went to the moon and space and saw that the earth was round. We even have pictures and videos to prove it. Muslims will deny anything and everything if it disproves Islam, the Quran and their prophet Muhammad (mass murder, rapist, pedophile and thief).

    Muslims don’t need a time machine either to travel to the future, they just leave their countries and go to non-Muslims countries. Too bad they can’t leave their barbarianism behind.

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