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This isn’t the first time such situations have cropped up in Finland. There have been swimming hall periods commandeered for ‘Muslim women only’ swimming (no longer allowed), Muslims praying in a public library, and even a female gym having its locker room commandeered for prayer time.

Remember folks, prayer time can be arranged by the Muslim at home, it’s disingenuous from them to say that they absolutely have to drop everything at a specific time to bend towards Mecca. This is all about forcing Islamic mores and traditions on a non-Muslim host society. KGS

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IS, IL: Muslim prayer time was a dispute at HopLop playground

Photo: Eero LIESIMAA – eBaum’s World archive Aamulehti

AamuLehti: Muslim prayer at a Vantaa HopLop playground brought confusion in Vantaa, on Tuesday. The story is relayed by the Ilta-Sanomat and Ilta Lehti.

A man told the Ilta-Sanomat about going with his 2,5-year-old son to the indoor play park. According to him, the playground was full of Muslims who celebrated the end of fasting.

In the afternoon they held a moment of prayer in the park, which according to the father caused confusion among the other cliental. The father took a picture of those praying with a mobile phone, of the which caused an exchange of words.

According to the Father, the staff did not know how to react to the situation in any way, he finally asked for the adventure park’s manager, Mona Göös. She asked for them to stop praying, because the path cannot be blocked.

HopLop’s CEO Tomi Pulkkinen told the Iltalehti that prayer is not prohibited at HopLop.



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  1. Thanks to your spineless and gutless politicians, heads in sand, arses in the air, barbarians already inside the gates.
    Truly sad and pathetic!

  2. I feel like throwing up every time I hear of Western politicians giving away our hard-
    won freedom at the cost of millions of lives in two world wars on a silver platter to the
    enemies of freedom.

  3. Blocking the public paths is a safety hazard, and must not be allowed. The rights to public safety trump any so called “religious” right these people have. If they dislike our lands, rules, customs and norms so much, why do they come to our lands. May I suggest that if they do not like the customs in the lands to which they freely came, that they return to the cesspits from whece they came. They would not be missed by decent people.

  4. This must be stopped!

    Muslims demand others to be tolerant of Muslims intolerant attitudes.

    Muslims will make non-Muslims bend over backwards to accommodate their barbaric beliefs. Muslims are totally intolerant of other religions (just look at the Islamic states and where ever there are a good number of Muslims) but they demand others to be tolerant of their barbarianism.

    Can non-Muslims pray in Muslim places? No one would dare because the Muslims and the Religion of Peace will kill the non-Muslims! It’s a one way street.
    You don’t see that with other religions and other people.

    1. Earnest I agree, all of these so-called demonstrations and stopping for prayer have zero to do with religious freedom or worship, and everything to do with bold , in your face Islamic supremacy. IMHO there is an agenda among the radical Islamists to constantly push and push some more to test the willingness of various governments and populations to tolerate or even put up with their BS. These devious dirtbags, for ever plotting, are the first one to cry ‘racism’ and ‘bias’, and go whining to their legal ‘pressure groups’. When they in fact are the perpetrators of rude, brash and unlawful behavior.

  5. Muslims in Wstern countries should adapt to western lifestyle. If you are not happy go back to the desert.

    Muslim in Malaysia don not tolerate those muslims who converted to other religion and it is a serious offence. In malaysia, once you are a muslim there is no way out.

  6. Pack all of them up and send them back fm whence they came…and their kids, too.

    Enough is enough! Time to be intolerant if we hope to salvage our way of life fm these tyrants. They refuse to blend in or assimilate. They are here to conquer. Time to send them back.

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