Not a clue as to the material used in making the two postal workers and one airman sick. The FBI is involved but are not saying anything. KGS

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Hazmat Crews Still At Scott Air Force Base, 3 Released From Hospital


SCOTT AFB, Ill. (KMOX) – They’ve used a robot, an x-ray machine and air testing equipment, but hazardous  materials crews have so far been unable to determine what caused three workers at the Scott Air Force Base Post Office to get sick this morning.

Base Commander, Colonel Michael Hornitscheck says they were focusing not on a single package, but on a group of packages in a bin in the mail room. According to on-site communications crew members used the post office x-ray machine to check for explosives in several packages and found none.

Colonel Hornitscheck says the situation started at about 9 am Wednesday, “We received a report that several of our mail handlers in our mail handling center experienced some respiratory and some skin reactions to something in the mail center. Using an abundance of caution we went ahead and send these three people to Memorial Hospital (in Belleville) to have them treated and to look for any type of adversity.   I’m happy to report they’ve since been treated and released.”


When asked if there is any evidence this incident may be linked to the upcoming 10th anniversary of 9/11, Col. Hornitscheck said he would not speculate on that, “We are treating this as an isolated incident and we see no connection to the 9/11 anniversary or anything like that.”

Hornitscheck says the FBI is involved in the investigation.

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