Operation epic fail.

Clinton: Libyan rebels must secure Gadhafi weapons

PARIS (AP) – Libyan rebels on the verge of driving leader Moammar Gadhafifrom power must secure weapons caches amassed by his regime and ensure they are not used to threaten the country’s neighbors, the region or beyond, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Thursday. She also said the fight against the still-defiant Gadhafi must continue.

“We must see our military mission through to its conclusion,” she said of the NATO operation to protect civilians that began in March. “Coalition military operations should continue as long as civilians remain under threat of attack,” Clinton said at an international conference in Paris to rally financial and other support for the rebels and the government they are trying to install.

The session fell on the 42nd anniversary of the coup in which Gadhafi seized power. He warned from hiding Thursday that tribes loyal to him were well-armed and preparing for battle, hours after rebels hoping for a peaceful surrender extended the deadline for loyalist forces to give up in the longtime Libyan leader’s hometown.

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