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This shows how far gone Sweden actually is. Sweden is no longer a free and democratic society based upon electoral pluralism. After many decades of hard core socialism, they’ve shifted from the soft tyranny of the big government welfare state to a more physically intimidating tyranny.

The violence meted out towards Sweden Democrat members has long been given a wink and a nod from the political cultural elite, with the present Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, stating that SD members “had it coming” to them. These politicians are responsible, in part, for every incident of political violence (read = terrorism) that happens against the SD party.

It’s utterly shameful but very predictable, for all totalitarian socialist regimes have taken to intimidation of the opposition, for being traitors, offensive, and not conforming to the political status quo. This is Sweden. KGS

NOTE: SD candidate: Issa Issa was attacked by similar thugs during the election period over a year ago. He ended up leaving politics.

Sweden Democrat targeted in arson attack

Published: 30 Aug 11 06:50 CET |

A Sweden Democrat local politician was targeted in an arson attack at her home in Södermanland south of Stockholm on Monday evening.

“Somebody has thrown something burning through a letter box,” said Mikael Ericsson at Sörmlands police.The fire was extinguished immediately and by the time the emergency services arrived only smoke remained. Police have classified the case as arson or attempted arson.

Frida Grundström, who is a member of the municipal council inGnesta, was home alone in her apartment when the incident occurred at around 8pm.

“I stood in the kitchen making pizza and had some music on. But then I heard the fire alarm and went out into the hall to see what had happened. When I came out there it was burning on the door and on the floor,” Grundström told the Dagens Nyheter (DN) daily.

The apartment has been cordoned off and will be examined by police forensics.

According to the newspaper Grundström has previously been subjected to harassment and assault, and has had a swastika daubed on her front door.

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