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Kudos to the new government and state of South Sudan. You raise the bar that the West has yet to lift itself up from the mire to meet. S.Sudan is a true friend of the Jewish state of Israel. KGS

South SudanGov’t Vows to Establish Embassy in Jerusalem And Not Tel Aviv – Report

Washington — The president of the newly established state of South Sudan told a visiting Israeli delegation that their future embassy in the Jewish state will be built in the disputed city of Jerusalem rather than in the political capital of Tel Aviv, according to a newspaper report.

Danny Danon, Israeli member of Likud Party and Parliament member, is currently on a visit to South Sudan capital of Juba where he met with president Salva Kiir.

The ‘Jerusalem Post’ newspaper quoted Kiir as telling the visiting delegation that his country resisted Arab and Palestinian pressure on relations with Israel.

“I told them that I see Israeli embassies in Jordan and Egypt, and South Sudan is not an Arab state,” Kiir reportedly told Danon.

South Sudan became an independent state last month after its citizens voted overwhelmingly in favor of separation from the Arab-Muslim dominated north.


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  1. Very good. I hope though that Obama does not retaliate.

  2. Where’s Canada on this issue, Mr. Stephen Harper, as you profess to be a friend of Israel? At no time is this more important than now.

  3. WOW! It looks like the South Sudanese won’t be pulling any punches. The palestinians are always bleating on about being oppressed by a forign invader but what have they ever done or said in solidarity with the South Sudanese who faced real oppresssion, even enslavement? ZILCH! And we all know why.

    Those sleazy hypocrites fully deserve this firm poke in the eye and I hope it hurts a lot.

  4. The South Sudanese owe the members of the OIC (The Organization of Islamic Conquest) absolutely NOTHING. Because NOTHING is exactly what the OIC has done for South Sudan.

    South Sudan’s sufferings was just one of countless issues ignored because the OIC dominated Human Rights Council was too busy using it to spew out propoganda against jews.

    Furthermore as a non islamic dominated country with the bad luck to have a belligerant muslim neighbor, it knows exactly what horrors to expect. They are choosing their friends well.

  5. South Sudan has done what is right. I pray that the rest of Africa follows suit. Thank you Your Excellency General Salva Kiir Mayardit, President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Republic of South Sudan. Israel is a true friend of Africa.

    1. Thank you Patrick, I appreciate your kind words and strong support for the Jewish state of Israel. Lets hope that africa does in fact heed your call.

  6. my is michael bazia from south sudan living in israel is very important for us has anew nation of the Republic of south sudan to have relation with Israel to build our capacity of our army has new nation .thanks Michael Bazia.

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