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Straight from the ‘Shocker Locker’. 

The Arabs always point to the Israelis for every mishap and hardship that they create all by themselves, what’s shocking is that these anti-Israel NGOs are in fact aiming their criticism directly against the Hamas. Obviously these NGO’s were caught unawares that a murderous, thuggish and highly totalitarian regime would resort to thuggish and totalitarian means, and if they still don’t get it, they’ll end up like any other foe of Hamas living and working inside the Gaza Strip. Dead. KGS

H/T: David Frankfurter

Gaza NGOs express ‘horror’ at new Hamas travel restrictions on Palestinians

Anyone leaving Gaza in the framework of NGO activity must now provide details of the trip to the government.

The Hamas government in the Gaza Strip recently imposed new travel restrictions on Palestinians active in non-governmental organizations in what the Palestinian NGO Network regards as another Hamas attempt to control and hamper them.

The Hamas interior ministry announced on its website on August 10 that anyone leaving Gaza, in the framework of NGO activity, must provide details of the trip to the ministry’s NGO department. The details include: the purpose, duration and destination of the trip, a description of the project, and the names of the host and group involved, along with the names and personal details of other participants.

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights issued a statement expressing “horror” at the new development. Gaza sources say the NGO representatives are trying to get Hamas officials to revoke the regulations, which are the latest in a series of government measures affecting the financial affairs and staffing of local and foreign NGOs.

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