When all the bogus hype over “man made” global warming is over, the strongest supporters of it will just shrug their shoulders say ‘oops’ (or not) and look elsewhere for another cataclysmic event to throw their weight behind. It’s all about controlling the economies, not about real science, that’s the hallmark of the Left. KGS

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Climate: Experiment at CERN supports Svensmark’s theories

By: Henrik Prætorius

Experiment at CERN now provides new evidence that cosmic radiation controls the climate on Earth – like the controversial Danish scientist Henrik Svensmark believes.

The famous – and infamous – solteori, known by many as Henrik Svensmark’s theory , will now support the CLOUD experiment at CERN, the European joint research laboratory in Geneva.

Solteorien describes how the formation of clouds – and thus the climate on Earth – is controlled from space: When solar activity is low, release large amounts of cosmic radiation from our galaxy, the Milky Way, through the Earth’s atmosphere.Here you change the rays atmospheric chemistry, clouds so easily formed.

Clouds cool the Earth by, because they reflect light from the sun back into space.This is the cosmic radiation to be cooling the climate, when the sun is low activity.

Proponents of the theory, among others Henrik Svensmark, Jens Olaf Pepke Pedersen from the Department of Space, said that they believe this mechanism is about as important as CO2 in today’s climate warming.

Evidence was lacking

Critics of solteorien in turn has highlighted the lack of scientific evidence for the theory:

  • First, the cosmic radiation at all alter the atmospheric chemistry, as theorists envisioned
  • First, the effect plays a crucial role in the real formation of clouds, which often takes place under circumstances where many other effects in play, such as dust and pollution.

Although the new research has become a more probable that solar activity plays a crucial role for the climate on Earth, this means CO2 is still much, so the new research acquits man is not to influence climate change. (Photo: Colourbox)

CLOUD experiment at CERN in Switzerland, headed by particle physicist Jasper Kirkby is trying to answer the first question. The researchers irradiated an artificial atmosphere in a closed chamber with radiation, corresponding to the energetic radiation that Earth receives from the galaxy.

The artificial atmosphere in the reaction chamber was cooled to 5 degrees Celsius, which corresponds to temperatures of about 2 km above ground level where the cool clouds are typically formed.

Rays in the trial consisted of a pioneer, which is very short-lived particles, which corresponds well with the cosmic radiation.This is CLOUD trials very similar conditions for the natural formation of clouds.

Sol supporters reinforced in their perception

The results, recently published in the journal Nature, shows the result Jens Olaf Pepke Pedersen that there is truth in solteorien.

“The experiments have shown that the mechanism that gives rise to the formation of clouds that are even stronger at 5 degrees than at room temperature where it has been previously measured. So the result from CLOUD confirmed my opinion that solar activity plays a crucial role in Earth’s climate, “he says.

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