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Denmark’s Nicolai Sennels is being railroaded along with the rest of us for supposedly contributing to the mindset of the mass murderer, Anders Breivik. Never mind the fact that the murderer embarked on his journey more than four years before the overwhelming majority of the Counterjihad bloggers started writing, and that psychologists have deemed ideology as not having played a role in his reasons for killing.

It was all about promoting himself to a level of national and international recognition not attainable through average means and abilities, but that won’t stop the media political hacks from trying to use this situation as a means to cause great havoc to our efforts. KGS

Behind the Gates of Vienna

Like so many other writers who oppose Islamization, the Danish psychologist Nicolai Sennels has been lumped together by the media with the mass murdering psychopath of Oslo and Utøya. This is his response.

Behind the Gates of Vienna
by Nicolai Sennels

I am now one of those who are accused of making Anders Breivik into a mass murderer. As Gates of Vienna is also involved, I thought my answer might be of interest and maybe also inspiration for GoV’s readers:

“In his commentary ‘Behind the Gates of Vienna’ in the August 19 edition of Weekend Newspaper, Arne Hardis puts me into the same category as Anders Breivik. The reason for this is that I have called the violent conflict between the Islamic world and everyone else a Third World War. We are not at war with Islam, but Islam is at war with us. The whole thing begins in the Quran, which in reality is a declaration of war against all non-Muslims.

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  1. In an aug 16 2011 article Gates of Vienna, and a commenter on that page exposed a direct link between Breivik and an ex head of Saudi Intelligence whom has been shown to have multiple connections to Islamic terrror including Bin Laden and Al Quida.

    The article lends credence to the argument that Breivik was assisted by people who had an agenda he himself was not made aware of.

    There is a long tradition of people with hidden motives exploiting borderline types in order to induce them to commit extreme acts to further the sinister peoples cause. The book Toxic Sludge Is Good For You (about the PR industry’s dirty tricks) has a chapter devoted to this vile tactic. PR companies use this to discredit people who are protesting against their clients by infiltrating activist groups and looking for overly impressionalbe members whome they can befriend and then exploit.

    Linda Tripp had done dirty tricks for the Nixon campagns. She befreinded Monica Lewinski and influenced her to do things that turned a private liason into a national crisis.

    Last year AROUND THIS TIME a young man in NY asked a cabbie if he was muslim then stabbed him. Pro Grond Zero Mosque activists made great hay out of it, saying that the protest against the GZM was leading to anti muslim hate crimes and thus indirectly implying the anti GZM people were motivated by bigotry.

    HOWEVER local NY newspapers quickly learned that he was working FOR A GROUP THAT WAS ASSISTING THE GZM!!! After that became public the pro GZM activists quickly and conveniently seemed to forget that he had ever existed.

    He had been a similarly impressionable person. An art student that developed an alcohol problem after being imbedded with soldiers in a war zone, a situation he had not been emotionally conditioned to handle.

    Anders Breivik is just the sort of psychologically borderline individual that gets exploited in this way.

    The real purpose of this attack could very well have been to discredit those in Europe and America who are speaking out against the imperialist agenda of radical islamists.

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