Do you really think that he was serious about implementing austerity measures? Nope, the Tundra Tabloids doesn’t believe so. How could he, when Ki-Moon agreed to head the most corrupt international organization (with the EU competing for the top spot) in the world, with eyes wide open? KGS

After Calls by Ban Ki-Moon for Austerity Measures, UN Staffers Get Pay Hike


Published August 23, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Five months after United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said the world body faced an “emergency situation,” and ordered his top lieutenants to cut their budgets by 3 percent overall, New York City-based staffers have just gotten a 2.2 percent boost to their paychecks.

Among other things, the new income hike means that the highest ranked officials at the U.N. headquarters — including members of the audience Ban harangued last March — will get a take-home, tax-free pay package of about $240,000.

The same officials last year would have earned about $235,240. That is about one-fifth higher than the gross pay of the highest level officials of the U.S. government, including federal Cabinet members, who earn a maximum of $199,700 — before deductions and taxes. 

But the U.S. officials still pay taxes, which reduces their pay, on federal taxes alone, by about another 21 percent.

The difference is even bigger for the next highest tier of U.N. officials, who take home about $220,000 a year, tax-free, after the new COLA hike, known in U.N.-speak as a “post adjustment.” That’s up from about $215,760 last year.

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  1. The UN with all of it’s ‘good intentions’ is a total waste of time and money, it has become a bloated propaganda pulpit for dictators and despots. The alleged ‘aid’ and other types of ‘help’ are poorly managed and rife with mismanagement and outright corruption. In many cases the ‘peacekeepers ‘ fail to keep the peace, and the representatives live it up in NYC instead of taking care of things at home.

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