Golden boy has fled the capital, and wandering about somewhere in his myriad of tunnels planning his comeback against the jihadi rebels. This guy isn’t out by a long shot, this is all about bribing tribes, and keeping them loyal through yet even more bribes. Wait and see, the civil war has just turned into a guerrilla war. KGS

They stamped on a bust of the tyrant’s head… we’ll get him, the rebels screamed as they stormed Gaddafi’s bunker

  • Rebels also attack symbolic statue of American warplane
  • Gaddafi in ‘death or victory’ rant after bunker is stormed
  • William Hague says these are ‘difficult and dangerous days’
  • Fighters preparing to enter network of tunnels under compound


Last updated at 3:50 AM on 24th August 2011

Colonel Gaddafi last night vowed his fight against the Libyan rebels would end in death or victory, it was reported.

In a desperate attempt to dent the rebels’ morale after they had ransacked his compound earlier in the day, he also claimed the withdrawal from his Bab al-Aziziya fortress was a tactical move.

The brief statement was issued by his spokesman to pro-Gaddafi television channel Al-Orouba.

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