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Politics in Finland is absolutely stifling.

The straightjacket one has to don in order to become ”acceptable” in the eyes of the cultural elite, is too stiff of a price for the conservative of moral conscience. The Finnish rule-by-consensus political establishment is nothing more than a gender neutral ‘gentlemen’s club’, in which all members have tipped their hats in prior agreement to the collective ‘group think’ approach to ‘who and what’ is acceptable.

That’s it in a nutshell.

In an article where two Finnish political hacks are interviewed, Erkki Tuomioja (SDP) and Alexander Stubb (Nat. Coalition Party), both being present and past foreign ministers of Finland, take to tag-teaming the party that the cultural political elite love to kick around, that being, The Finns, formerly called the True Finns.

Ministers Tuomioja and Stubb air their views of the True Finns Party

According to Tuomioja, anti-immigration sentiments do not represent a wider mainstream within the party

Opposition to immigration was not the most important reason behind the success in the April Parliamentary elections of the right-wing populist party formerly known as the True Finns, despite the fact that some of the party’s representatives have been profiled as “advocates of extreme nationalism”, estimates Minister for Foreign Affairs Erkki Tuomioja (SDP).

[TT: Notice how the Left uses the word ‘populist’, it’s never they who are populists, just those whom they hate. In fact, populism is a favored tool of the Left, but that’s another story for another time. ‘Extreme nationalism’ for this political hack is the waving of a Finnish flag and exploring other alternatives to mass immigration. He would no doubt label the Tea Party as extreme nationalists as well.]

“The leadership of the party, however, cannot endlessly put off making a clean break with these extreme manifestations”, Tuomioja concluded in his Monday address at the annual meeting of Finnish Heads of Mission, held in Helsinki.

[TT: In other words, the leadership of The Finns Party, needs to jettison its party’s platform, and base support, in order to please the likes of this radical extremist Leftist hack who makes stuff up about them.]

Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Trade Alexander Stubb (Nat. Coalition Party), who preceded Tuomioja at the Foreign Affairs desk in the previous administration, also pondered the electoral success of the True Finns (who decided on Sunday that they now want to be referred to in English simply as “The Finns”, a title that for obvious reasons is not without confusion).

According to Tuomioja, the anti-immigration sentiments “affected the line-up of the party in certain well-known respects”, but he does not see “that this would represent any wider mainstream within the group.”

[TT: The invent the meme and then keep pressing it all the while they know it to be categorically false. In short, they are bald faced liars. The TF Party is not against immigration, as if that in itself would be a crime, but are against illogical immigration that doesn’t suit Finland’s needs. Period.]

Tuomioja also attacked the use of the idiom “immigration-critical”, saying that in Finland the phrase “is used as a euphemism for what in the wider world is known as racism and xenophobia”.

[TT: See how the tyrannical Left openly chooses what words are acceptable and which words are not. They alone are the sole arbitrators of what constitutes proper speech, possessing superior intellectual powers beyond that of the rest of us who are completely unable to determine what a word actually means.]


Stubb, who deviated from his written speech, warned other parties from imitating the True Finns’ stance of isolationism. “It is the road to perdition.” Stubb divided the political field into globalists, who adopt a positive attitude towards internationalism, and localists, who are against it. According to Stubb, Finland has to stand in the mainstream in the EU dialogue.

Helsingin Sanomat

This is the ramblings of a man who for years worked within the halls of the EU, knowing full well of the corruption and the lies that goes on there, and said nothing. In fact, the only thing this hack ever did was to heap praise upon the EU, as being the greatest thing since sliced bread. According to TT sources within the EU parliament, Stubb was known as a EU cheerleading lapdog, who could be counted on to drive EU interests before that of his own state.

In short, he’s a menace. So is the present jackass of a FM, Erkki Tuomioja, who has a ‘Jewish problem’ where the state of Israel is concerned, and always looks like he just rolled out of bed in his rumpled suit and scruffy face. And these two hacks, both a socialist and faux conservative, stand in judgement of The Finns Party? I think not. KGS

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