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Democracy in the ME will produce nothing other than radical fundamustard governments run by a bunch of raisin foreheads. KGS

The New Libyan Zabibah-stan: Made Safe for Sharia?

Mustafa Abduljalil spokesman for the new Libyan Zabibah-stan.

Zabibahprominent* Libyan “rebel” spokesperson Mustafa Abduljalil, born in 1952 in Al Baida, one of the first cities to rise against Gaddafi, studied law and Islamic jurisprudence in Benghazi before embarking on a legal career that culminated in his appointment in 2007 as Qaddafi’s “minister of justice.” A Wikileaks memo from 1/27/2010 revealed,

In the course of the discussion of the Criminal Code, Abduljalil abruptly changed the subject from freedom of speech to the “Libyan people’s concern about the U.S. government’s support for Israel.” He averred that Libya cares deeply about Muslims everywhere, and about Muslim countries. In his view, the root cause of terrorism stems from the perception that Europe and the U.S. are against Muslims.

(* as per Koran 48:29, and its mainstream exegesis, the skin trauma-induced “prayer bump” from his repeated act of aggressively placing his head on the floor five times daily to help develop his fully Manichean “moderate” worldview)


Albeit without the awful toll of American blood, and far less American treasure, the US under President Obama’s feckless, if now “triumphal” leadership, has extended the delusive utopian policy of his Republican predecessor—“Making the World Safe for Sharia?”—to Libya.

The salient feature of Libya’s new draft constitution is Part 1, Article 1:

Islam is the Religion of the State, and the principal source of legislation is Islamic Jurisprudence (Sharia).

Once again, we appear to be witnessing  a regional Muslim phenomenon which the prototype Algerian jihadists of the 1990s formulated with succinct candor:

Islamic state by the will of the people.

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  1. Look at that mark on his forhead. Is it just the way he’s wrinkled his brow in this photo? If not this means trouble. Extreme fanatics develop that mark from pressing their head to the ground when they pray.

  2. I wish all Muslims would bang their head hard everyday at least 5 times. It makes identifying Muslims even easier except for the bagheads, but then they have the bag so its not needed.

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