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  1. shopped . . .the texture of the skin on the hand in the image does not match the age of the victim.
    As to Gaddafi’s location – hiding in a hole in the ground, like Saddam?

    1. Not a valid point. Dont bodies bloat? That hand looks bloated.

    2. The body is taken from images from the bin laden raid. The head is shopped.

      1. Of course it is, the link to the new pics is in the above update.

  2. Re the hand. It looks bloated. It can be caused by poor circulation in life. And hands do bloat after death.

    The fact that the image is such poor quality makes me think it’s a hoax. Also we saw the crowd lynching those black soldiers. Everyone had a cameraphone. maybe if more images surface from other angles then its real but if this is all there is then its a hoax.

    Improper use of a flash or the use of a cruddy flash like on cameraphones can reduce detail.

    Was that the only image? What of his bodyguards?

    Oh christ. I can’t imagine the horrors his female guard will go thru if these rebels get a hold of them. We have seen that they are not a disciplined force. I really hope they were just a publicity thing and are far far away from this. The turd himself deserves to be executed 270 times, once for every victim of the Lockerbie bombing, but his silly guards were just employees.

  3. As Gadafi is a rabid dog biting everybody, he had no reliable ally country where he could have flew.Therefore, he made the right decision that he died fighting. He is better than Saddam. I wish the same for the other African Dictators.

  4. You poor sheep shitting bastards,so caught up in your little modern world of gimmicks you cant even realise a real picture for what its worth,hey thats right guys..we never landed on the moon either right.

  5. Will Gaddafi death solve Africa problems? the answer is NO. He is just one of those guys trying to survive and he was the best leader we have had in Africa

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