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Get ready for the announcement and the wild ride to begin! KGS

Here’s your choice, this…

Or this…

NOTE:Once Palin enters the jig is up for the rest. The present gaggle of Republican candidates are just trying out for the top of the VP list.

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  1. I don’t know that it’s a given that she will be the candidate.

    At the moment I like Michelle Bachmann.

    We live in interesting times.

    1. Well you’re pulling for a conservative and in MHO, you’re on the right track regardless of whether it’s my favorite or not.

  2. To my mind the only way to save the US is to elect a Palin/Bachmann ticket , however the Yankee morons just would not have the guts to elect two women ; sad .

  3. Doesn’t the fact tha Palin bailed on her constituents in Alaska bother you? She abdicated her position as governor because she was more interested in fame and money than in politics.

    1. No not a bit. She vacated her position due to the relentless avalanche of bogus litigation being thrown against her by Dems and RINO Repubs. She figured that she’s spare her constituency the headache because of her having to handle these bogus litigation cases which would have taken from her effectively running her administration.

      That said, a Coke can would be a better president that Obama any day of the week.

      1. So do you think as President of the United States her job would be easier? Certainly she’d be thrown harder stuff and have more, not less criticism to deal with. If you can’t handle the heat, you know.
        The coke comment is pointless, this about legitimate candidates and the idea that anyone is better than Obama leads to the lousy batch the GOP is parading before us now.

        1. No the Coke can is not pointless, a can of Coke as president would do far less damage to the United States than this president has. The real point is, any true conservative candidate that runs against this immensely weak president,…will win, and that means Palin as well.

          NOTE: One has to look at the entire dynamics to understand the reasons behind her decision to leave office. You obviously do not like her, fine. Choose a constitutional conservative to throw your weight behind and vote for him or her in the primaries. Then which ever candidate is picked to run against Obama, then vote for him or her.

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