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Here’s something for the Lefty think tank analysts and foreign policy wonks (you know, the Toby Archer types ) to think about, as they spread their meme of how evil and racist both the Counterjihad movement and the Right-wing political parties aligned with it are.

Just as it’s foolish to believe that political parties fishing for well sought after votes in a highly anti-Israel Europe, would be ‘insincere’ in their pro-Israel statements while on the stump, it’s also foolish to believe that these same political parties would think spreading hate ”a novel way to gain votes” in these societies that abhor such behavior.

Here’s an interesting blog post by Dennis Mitzner over at the J’lem Post about the public discourse in Scandinavia in the wake of the Utøya-massacre in Norway. KGS

NOTE: The current Finnish Minister of Culture, and Leftist douche bag, Paavo Arhinmäki (who would have fit in well with the crowd charging the Bastille), was caught mouthing words meant to cause a brawl at a soccer match.

Silencing dissent

Mitzner’s Blitz

Sunday Aug 21, 2011

The public discussion in Northern Europe that followed the Utøya-massacre in Norway has been characterized by attempts to silence the political opposition.  The popular opinion among the political left in Northern Europe is that Anders Behring Breivik’s monstrosities are a result of toxic and contagious hate speech which led him to murder 77 people.

The past month has witnessed a birth of a new age which is suggestive of a Kafkaesque spirit in Nordic political discourse. The accusers are pointing fingers at people whose names appear in Breivik’s manifesto and in other dubious forums, mainly online. The accused can only fight the accusations by claiming that they cannot control when and where their names appear.


Nome and others seem to have created an imaginary political universe where hate and fear dominate the discourse since in reality the only political factions that regularly use violence are neo-Nazi and far-left factions which operate on the periphery of the public arena.

Scandinavian countries are known for their peaceful and consensus-driven political systems. Therefore it is bizarre that anyone would claim that hate is a method or a goal in Northern European politics.

Ironically, however, hatred is usually witnessed when new conservative political parties such as the Progressive Party in Norway, The Finns in Finland and The Sweden Democrats in Sweden attempt to challenge the political consensus by winning elections.

Read it all here.

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