Give the Norwegian cultural elite enough rope and they’ll hang themselves, time and again. They just can’t help themselves don’t you know. KGS

Norwegian Ambassador to Israel Svein Sevje discusses the history of Jews in Norway and the relationship between Norway and Israel

Norway, Israel and the Jews blog:

Eeeouuwww, how embarrassing. This man is in urgent need  of course on strategic communication. And sticking to truth.

Lets see, according to official numbers, numbers of Jews in Norway at onset of WWII was just over 2100. Not around 3000 as our lying ambassador claims. Approximately 1200 managed to escape from Norway to Sweden, which is not two thirds, but roughly half. It is true that Norwegians helped Jews escape and may their names be a source of pride to their descendants for many generations to come. But what Mr. Ambassador fails to include in this striking analysis is to address why Jews had to flee Norway in the first place.

Finally, 765 Jewish men and women were rounded up by Norwegian police, not 500. The numbers are those provided by the Official Norwegian educational channel on genocides,

It is scandalous that our ambassador has not been sufficiently briefed on Norwegian history before he proceeds to make a complete fool of himself, which sadly serves as an example why more education on Holocaust is necessary in Norway, and even more so that he appears to explain the Norwegian elites hatred of Israel for her audacity to not just lie down and wait to be murdered in 1967.

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  1. Hello K,
    A few observations.

    It’s not fair IMO to demonize Norway as a whole because of what occurred during the Shoah, when they were under military occupation.But it IS fair to note that Norway was and is an historically anti-Semitic country. Aside from a few ‘useful’ merchants, Jews were banned from Norway and the handful allowed to reside there had their movements restricted. This continued after Norway’s independence, no Jews were legally allowed to enter until 1851 and a number of suspected Jews or people suspected of Jewish ancestry were even deported.

    Even after 1851, Norway still allowed hardly any Jews to emigrate.

    Norway had a large fascist movement, and was one of the first countries in Europe to officially ban schechita, Jewish kosher slaughter in 1929. As a prominent member of parliament said at the time, “If they don’t like it, let them go live somewhere else.” That ban remains in place today, while Muslim halal slaughter is legal as is the slaughter of seals, whales and other animals that are protected by international treaties.

    The original Norwegian attitude towards Jews was shaped predominantly by Christian anti-semitism (like Mohammed, Martin Luther became a raging anti-semite once the Jews let him know they were perfectly happy with the religion they had, thank you).

    Today, it’s the height of irony that as the country becomes less Christian, the Left wing secular Labor government is demonizing Jews and Israel while importing Muslims wholesale who mostly hold the country’s culture in contempt and are a bigger danger to Norway’s freedom,prosperity and peace than the Jews ever were!

    1. I have no disagreement with anything you have stated here.

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