Hamas Israeli/Palestinian Conflict


Any other state wouldn’t be mulling over anything, but instead, unleashing the entire power of their military against the terrorist entity.

The escalation of violence has been solely on the part of the Arabs, but who in the media will remember that once the IDF is forced to take on the Hamas in Gaza in a more high profile way? KGS

NOTE: There’s no doubt that the Norwegian radical extremist Leftist regime in Oslo are already brushing up on their rhetoric for the flurry of press releases they unleash against Israel once things gets really moving. They’ll send in their human pieces of crap, the radical leftist doctors, Mads Gilbert and Eric Fosse, to be the “eye witnesses for the world” so they smear the IDF as war criminals on behalf of their buddies, the Hamas.


Gov’t considers escalation in face of rocket fire from Gaza

08/21/2011 03:39

Iron Dome shoots down several rockets; defense officials say Israel not interested in a large-scale operation inside the Strip, but options include ground offensive, expanded air strikes and targeted killings.

Israel’s government was considering on Saturday night the possibility of escalating its military response to the continued rocket fire from Gaza.

At least one man was killed and dozens of others were wounded by the more than 80 rockets that pounded southern Israel over the weekend.

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