Brazil Islamization


Every red blooded Brazilian should take this development seriously. They need to form an anti-Islamization movement ASAP and turn on the pressure against this mohammedan incursion. That’s how it all begins people, and before long, within 2-3 decades perhaps, they’ll be having halal debates because the ‘disenfranchised’ in its society have been systematically targeted with non-stop dawa (proselytizing).

The Brazilians should organize a counterjihad movement to de-brainwash these hapless converts to the world’s most intolerant, and violence promoting ideology on the face of this planet. KGS

NOTE: Say goodbye to the carnival.

Islam takes root in land of mini-bikinis and Carnival

As-salam aleikum!” Omar greeted worshippers as he entered Mesquita da Luz, Rio’s first mosque where he had just broken his Ramadan fast at dusk.

Those are some of the only words Omar knows in Arabic, and he quickly continued his conversation in Portuguese with fellow Muslims who mostly, like him, converted recently to Islam in the world’s biggest Catholic country.

In a land known more for its mini-bikinis and extravagant Carnival featuring scantily clad women, a small but growing number of Brazilians of various backgrounds call themselves Muslim.

For decades, it was primarily families of Libyan, Palestinian and Syrian descent who practiced Islam in Brazil.

Omar, who until just four years ago officiated as Catholic priest at a local church, explained why he embraced Islam.

“I found in Islam everything I had always looked for. I met God as he is, with no adaptation,” the 34-year-old graphic designer told AFP.

Wearing a traditional long djellaba robe, he refused to give his official name, instead only revealing his Muslim one: Omar Israfil Dawud bin Ibrahim.

“At the seminary, you learn that Islam is one of the monotheistic religions. There is no prejudice against this religion,” said Omar as he stood by his wife Alessandra Faria, who goes by the name “Fatima” after converting and deciding to wear the veil.

“In the beginning, my mother was mortified at the thought of going outside with me. I wear the veil to show I am Muslim and aware that I am part of a minority,” she said.

Fatima’s hijab may raise eyebrows in Rio, where it is more common to see women walking the streets in bikinis in seaside neighborhoods, but she says her beliefs can find a place here.

“Brazil is a mix, made up of several different cultures. This mix makes Brazilians very adaptable and tolerant.”

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  1. “Brazil is a mix, made up of several different cultures. This mix makes Brazilians very adaptable and tolerant.”

    In there lays the problem, they are tolerant, so tolerant that one day they will wake up and not even recognize their own country…then the parades will only consist of bearded men in robes shouting slogans to reinforce their insecurities

  2. “I met God as he is, with no adaptation.”

    What a retard. The Islamic conception of god is completely different from christianity. It is in fact a pre christian diety given christian bells and whistles. Bells and whistles, I might add, that were cherry picked based upon their usefullness to totalitarian imperialist ambitions.

    Lets be honest. It was the authoritarian element that really attracted him to it. As a priest, islam offers him far greater earthly power over every element of the lives of his parishoners than christianity does.

  3. In fact the islamic concept of god is a complete adaptation. Not just an adaptation, but a politically motivated fiction. The “diety” in question was manufactured for the sole purpose of facilitating and justifying totalitarian rule and imperial conquest.

    Mohammad (if he actually existed – his name is actually a term for “warlord”) or the people that cobbled together the core books long after he was supposed to have died, took their interpretation of what they (barely) understood about the christian and jewish god, and whatever they had heard from the various jewish books and christian gospels that was politically uesefull to them and slapped that all onto a pre existing pagan tribal deity.

    So much for “no adaptation”.

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