Anders Brievik's terrorist attack


The mass murderer didn’t kill for an ideology, but to become someone famous. The TT just came across this article in the Iltasanomat describing his hearing after spending the last few weeks in solitary confinement since his arrest. Check out this eye opener:

Breivik was heard in a closed session on Friday. There was a strong police guard. Breivik would have liked to arrived on the scene dressed in a tuxedo, but the court did not give permission.

Again, Dr.Michael Welner explains:

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  1. You will recall that the murderers at Columbine, Eric Hall and Dylan Klebold, also believed that they would be famous as a consequence of their actions. They spoke about how they would “kick start a revolution” of chaos and murder. Tim Roche in his “Time” magazine article “The Columbine Tapes” concludes, together with the FBI, that Harris and Klebold wanted to be famous. Klebold actually said in one video, “Directors will be fighting over this story.” (See link.)

  2. :42 his lawyer says “I can’t describe him. He’s not like anyone else.”

    That is a common reaction to people with schizotypal personality disorder, often a prescurser to full blown schizophrenia. They are often described as being extremely odd and eccentric in speach and general manner. Unlike schizophrenics they speak and behave rationally but in an odd way and have odd beliefs.

    People with this disorder often have one parent with schizophrenia. They often degenerate into full blown schizophrenia. Breivik notes in his “manifesto” that he noticed a decline in his mental state.

    Of course this does not mean he is not a narcissist as well. Like narcissists he has extremely low self esteme. Like narcissists he has a need to denigrate others – but he also expresses admiration for others too. Then again he could be expressing admiration only because those people said something that validates his thoughts in some way.

  3. The above statment is not intended to mean I think he is eligible for an insanity defence. Schizotypal personality disorder is not the same thing as schizophrenia – in which ones perceptions and cognition are disordered. His were not, and his judgment was sound – criminal but sound. Weather he belongs in a prison or an institution for the criminally insane is something for experts to decide.

    People with SDO can have violent psychotic episodes BUT this attack had been planned out for years in advance and was not a random psychotic break.

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