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The fact that it was a road bomb meant for US-led troops is of little significance to the people blown up to kingdom come. KGS

Afghan official: 20 people killed by roadside bomb

A roadside bomb killed at least 20 passengers traveling on a minibus Thursday in western Afghanistan, another example of civilians being caught in the crossfire of the fighting between Taliban insurgents and the U.S.-led coalition.

In the country’s east, a suicide car bomber attacked a coalition base, killing two Afghan security guards, officials said, and the Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack.

A minibus ran over a roadside bomb in Obe district in the western Herat province, setting off a blast that killed at least 20 of the 25 passengers, said Raouf Ahmadi, a police spokesman for several provinces in western Afghanistan.

Abdul Bashir, an elder of a village in the district, put the death toll at 23.

“It was a big, powerful blast,” Bashir said. “Among the dead are men, women and children. The bodies are not easily recognizable.”

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