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It’s like a wife beater interviewing a buddy’s abused wife.

Fareed Zakaria is first and foremost a Muslim in a high profile position who uses his perch to pimp Islam whenever the opportunity arises. That’s why he was given the job there at CNN (Crescent News Network). It was an internal, editorial decision that reflects the mindset of the network, they want to compete with Al-Jizz and they’ll stoop to pandering to the Islamic world in order to do it.

Queen Rania is the highly touted ‘face of moderate Islam’ by Muslims of all stripes and willing stooges in the West, who desire to pimp a certain (detoxified) image of Islam to ignorant Western audiences. (Muslims already know she’s a candidate for a veiling/shallow grave for her un-Islamic apparel and lifestyle. Don’t be fooled though, the Muslim Brotherhood hasn’t a problem with her representing ‘moderate Islam’, as long as she’s used to fool the West and win numbers to Islam and/or to help place the West at ease, in that moderate Islam does indeed exist.

Normally the Tundra Tabloids couldn’t care less what the Islamic world thinks, (it’s what we here in the West think that matters most) the problem however lies in the fact that there are some in the West who actually watch CNN and are influenced by its quackery, which at times, needs to be debunked in order to set the record straight. KGS

H/T: Sheik Yer’Mami

An excerpt from the interview.

Fareed Zakaria: “Islam has placed women in a subordinate and subjugated role. How do you react to that charge?”

Queen Rania: ”I personally think that Islam in and of itself does not subjugate women and does not hold them back. […] It is not necessarily that you have to look at Islam itself. Holy Scripture does not hold women back.” offers the following rebuttals to the question and answer:

In the Koran a Muslim woman (and a Muslim man) can be the slave of another Muslim. The citations in this article about women in the Koran are not exhaustive, there are even more. Here a 2 examples that say a Muslim woman can be the slave of a Muslim man.

Example 1: Chapter 2:221:

“Do not marry idolatresses, until they believe (Note:become Muslim); a believing slave-girl is better than an idolatress, though you may admire her. And do not marry idolaters, until they believe. A believing slave is better than an idolater, though you may admire him.”

Example 2: Chapter 4:25:

“Anyone of you who has not the affluence to be able to marry believing freewomen in wedlock, let him take believing maids that your right hand owns (Note:Muslim female slaves).”

How can approving of having a Muslim woman or any woman as a slave not be subjugation and retrograde? Verses that a Married Muslim can have Sex with a Slave Woman to who he is Not Married (2 of 4 Examples). Does Rania not know of all this after years of living in Islam?

Example 1:

It begins by Muhammad as an Example. Notice that in other cultures a married man sleeping with a woman to whom he is not married (whether she is his slave or not) would be commiting adultery.

What is adultery? The Different Definition of Adultery in the West and in the Koran. For us and in the Koran it is for a married man to sleep with a woman with who he is not married.

But if the woman is the slave of the Muslim man,then,for the Koran,it is not adultery.For us it is still adultery.

Chapter 33:50-55:

“O Prophet, We have made lawful for you (note: for sex):

1. Your wives who you have given their wages

2. And what your right hand owns (Note:slaves), spoils of war that God has given you,

3. And the daughters of your uncles paternal and aunts paternal, your uncles maternal and aunts maternal, who have emigrated with thee, and any woman believer, if she give herself to the Prophet and if the Prophet desire to take her in marriage, for you exclusively, apart from the believers.

4. We know what We have imposed upon them touching their wives and what their right hands own (note:slaves) that there may be no fault in you; God is All-forgiving, All-compassionate………………………..

Thereafter women are not lawful to you (Note:for sex), neither for you to take other wives in exchange for them, though their beauty please you, except what your right hand owns (Note: slaves); God is watchful over everything.”

Read more here for the analysis. 

Here’s the Spencer and Imam Zaid debate which focuses on the same issue. Spencer wipes up the fundamustard with ease.

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  1. Did this bitch never read the quran to say all this bs about wrong ‘interpretation’ against women?… Hamas succes is beacause of international community fails the hopeless palestinians in Gaza, justifying support of terrorism???… she playes as moderate muslim just like islam preaches to lie and cheat non-muslims… they are using her and her position to cheat brainless westerns… they really believe we all are stupids…

  2. No surprise here, the dupes, lackeys, and lapdogs of Islam are well represented in the ranks of the MSM.

  3. If she were not the “queen” she would not be on TV dressed the way she is. Also, she is in fact a Palestinian, yet, in the country she is queen of, the Palestinians have been isolated into refugee camps, and her “kingly” husband has been systematically robbing them of any rights they may have had. In addition, any who had managed to get citizenship papers are having those stripped–but has anyone heard the polished “queen” complain….ain’t gonna happen. I live in the middle-east, and I see how muslims treat women–all women–it is disgusting.

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