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Of course they do, it doesn’t fit the carefully crafted Leftist narrative. KGS

Media Ignores Racial Element of London Riots

Birmingham, England

I’ve been keeping watch on the fiery vortex of British rioting at View from the Right, where Lawrence Auster is tracking events with a close and critical eye on the reportorial blind spot on race that has marked most if not all of the news coverage.  (He has also been noting similar blind spots in Stateside reporting on this summer’s spate of “flash mobs” in which the unifying theme of the flash-mobbers’ race is omitted as a matter of course. The stories themselves, even the widespread black-on-white violence at last month’s Wisconsin State Fair, have failed to penetrate the national MSM.)

Such omissions, seemingly designed not-to-make-things-worse, are an affront to reality. In London, rioting mobs in London and other British cities seem to be notably or even predominantly black — or so we gather from opaque clues, some photos, and the occasional slipped-in written reference, as in today’s NYT “news story” on the riots and their good ol’ root causes (spending cuts):

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  1. I am sick of hearing all of the BS excuses for the rioting vermin from the pompous blowhards in the political class and the MSM. None of these ‘Yooouths’ appeared to be suffering from severe hunger or lack of proper clothing. Some were sporting name brand ‘hoodies and $100 sneakers’. IMHO years of PC liberalism devoid of the concept of personal responsibility, coupled with a justice system where everyone walks away almost scot-free. Yes there was a big racial component , however there was a cultural one as well, fueled by media, entertainment, and the left’s preaching the gospel of ‘class envy’.

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