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The man has some solid fiscal opinions, but on everything else he’s a loon. The TT could never take him seriously as a Republican presidential candidate because of his strange views on the military and US support for Israel, as well as the US being responsible for Islamic jihadis attacking the homeland. His son the senator, Rand however, fires on all cylinders. KGS

From Breitbart, the video of Paul speaking during a Republican presidential nominee debate:

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  1. Ron Paul is a flake. If he’s wrong on Israel, the military, Jihad against America, then it’s ALL wrong including his fiscal preferences.

    Runaway spending needs to be brought under control, but not by Ron Paul. Ron Paul is an anti-Semite and I’d rather trust America to someone other than his son Rand.

    1. I’m talking about constitutional considerations concerning fiscal responsibility. But its a moot subject, Ron Paul is a flake. His son however, is not, and I would trust him in power than any Democrat or RINO Repub currently sitting in government.

      1. On Israel is probably the worst candidate. I came across a YouTube video: he said that Hamas was invented (or something) by Israel. The people from anti-war and veterans or US veterans, anyway those websites, they love RP there. Don’t know his son, but the next elections are going to be nasty. That’s for sure.

  2. Not just the reasons you mentioned. But I think a lot of people disagree his standpoints on abortion, illegal immigration and drugs. He’s either the guy that can be 100% right about things, and on other things he is totally wrong.

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